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D.C. Council Won’t Vote on Bowser’s Homeless Shelter Plan This Month

But new documents show the administration has attempted to better explain the plan's costs.

Wards Apart: Residents Across the District Respond to Bowser’s Plan to Replace D.C. General

From Ward 1 to Ward 8

D.C. Nonprofits Get $45,000 to Invest Against LGBTQ Youth Homelessness, More Dedicated Beds

Of the more than 300 homeless youth reported in D.C., 43 percent identified as LGBTQ.

D.C. Evicts Remaining Whitehurst Campers

Outreach work continues

As City Houses Homeless From Encampments, Sweeps Planned to Continue

One will reportedly take place today.

As City Disbands Homeless Encampment, Some Residents Resist Moving

With the promise of housing to come

Orange Proposes ‘Mobile Hygiene Unit’ for D.C.’s Homeless Residents

“The pilot program would be just one bus, but if it proves successful, eventually each of the eight wards would be served by a mobile hygiene unit.”

Emails Show D.C. Struggling With Homeless Shelter Capacity

It may be easy to paint D.C. as being a pretty harsh place for homeless families. After all, there is D.C. General—its controversial and problematic emergency shelter. And there is the on-going capacity problem. The city just doesn't have enough space for every homeless family. Placing families at the Comfort Inn on New York Avenue [...]

City Officials Find Solution To Homeless Crisis: The Comfort Inn

Updated at 5:25 p.m.
Throughout this hypothermia season, the District has managed to keep D.C. General's emergency family shelter from becoming overcrowded. The good news is there aren't families sleeping in hallways next to trash cans or enduring sleepless nights in the cafeteria (see here, here, and here). D.C. General has been held at a capacity [...]

CFSA Tries to Explain Role in Attempting to Force Homeless Family Out of Town

Last week, the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless reported that a D.C. Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) social worker had attempted to force a homeless mother to make a brutal choice: Either get on a bus out of town or risk having your three children put in fostercare. City Desk followed up on [...]

District Putting Homeless Up In Hotels

When the District government has to put up homeless families in hotels, it's a sign—perhaps even an important sign—that the city's shelter space has been and continues to be inadequate for families. WaPo is reporting today that the District has started housing a small number of families in hotels. Homeless advocates and attorneys have been [...]

Is D.C. General Suitable For Children?

That's the question attorney Matthew Fraidin was tasked with finding out. Fraidin, an associate professor at UDC's David A. Clarke School of Law and visiting professor at Georgetown University, had been tapped by Councilmember Tommy Wells to investigate the conditions at D.C. General's emergency family shelter and figure out if the abandoned hospital was a [...]

Marion Barry Becomes WaPo Poverty-Beat Reporter

Today, Councilmember Marion Barry and/or his ghostwriter writes an op-ed addressing his controversial TANF legislation that would impose a five-year limit on public assistance and a host of other aid to District residents. Is this guy trying to score a book deal? Become the next Bill Cosby?
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Tommy Wells Tweets Response to New York Times

In yesterday's edition, the New York Times editorial board took on Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells' residency requirement for homeless services bill.  The board called his proposal "inhumane" and suggested it was simply "very bad public policy." The board also cited the CFO which stated that Wells' bill wouldn't save the city any money. Late [...]

New York Times Slams Wells’ Homeless Services Legislation

Today, the New York Times' editorial board took the unusual step of issuing an opinion on a local D.C. issue. The board thoroughly shreds Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells' incredibly lazy proposal to limit homeless services to District residents. If only the Washington Post would be so bold.
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