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D.C. Health Dept. Launches Ebola Preparedness Web Page

The city says it's prepared for any possible outbreak.

Washington Post Memo: Don’t Send Washington Post Memos to the Press

After the employee cafeteria at the Washington Post's office downtown was closed by health inspectors yesterday, Washington City Paper and Jim Romenesko reported on a memo that Jeff Cox, the paper's director of operations and administrative services, sent the staff. That didn't sit so well with Post editorial writer Charles Lane, who just sent an email to newsroom staffers about the [...]

The Needle: Tattered Rule

Ink Up: The D.C. Department of Health rejected a controversial proposed regulation that would have required a 24-hour waiting period to get a tattoo. +4
Name Game: Two new condos on the 3800 block of 14th Street NW wants D.C. residents to help choose its moniker. Your options? A bunch of skiing- and ski-resort-related names. -3

Ink Progress: D.C. Wants New Tattoo Regulations. Bollocks.

Paul Roe is staring at the naked back of a customer, admiring his colleague’s work. “The palate matches her complexion,” Roe tells fellow tattoo artist Aaron Trimiar of his just-completed design, a floral pattern stretching from the middle of the customer’s back to her shoulder blade. “She can wear anything with this and it will [...]

Want a Tattoo? D.C. Might Make You Wait 24 Hours

The District may be giving New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's nanny state a run for its money with its latest tattoo and piercing policies.
The Department of Health posted proposed regulations Friday for tattoos and body piercings in the District. Tucked on page 11 of the 66-page document is a draconian idea (at least in [...]

D.C. DOH To Inspect Occupy Kitchens

At DCist, Benjamin R. Freed reports that the McPherson Square Occupy D.C. camp is closing down its kitchen to do a little cleaning up in advance of inspections from the D.C. Department of Health:
A chef at Freedom Plaza, whose kitchen remained open today at noon, told us that his colleagues at McPherson Square weren't up [...]

Future of Medical Marijuana in the District Slow-Moving and Hazy

Vince Gray's deliberateness is shining in a few areas this week—one of which is medical marijuana.
A town hall hosted by the D.C. Patients' Cooperative last night was scheduled a month ago; the advocates that organized it had hoped that by the time the town hall occurred, the mayor would have signed off on regulations approved [...]

D.C. Medical Marijuana Framework Still Very Partially Baked

For those keeping track of the District's progress in the medical marijuana game, today is not the small milestone it appeared to be.
DCist reports that the medical marijuana rules released in November 2010 will go into effect... not today, but shortly: "It seems that while the rules should be taking effect today due to the [...]

D.C. Booze Police Removed From Pot Patrol

Mayor Adrian Fenty's  administration sparked some heady debate when it announced plans this past summer to put city liquor regulators—not health officials—in charge of medical marijuana distribution in the District.
Oh, sure, patients and doctors would register with the Department of Health, but the growers and sellers would instead be subject to the city's Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board [...]

National Press Club Forced to Move Mousetraps

The District Department of Health has a new website that provides searchable city health inspections—and it's a veritable TMI machine. Today's disgusting news: the National Press Club has had to acquire a better mousetrap. Or at least move the ones it had on the premises.

Gay Men Should Get HIV Tests Twice a Year, City Says

With new statistics showing alarming levels of HIV infection among the estimated 36,500 District men who have gay sex, the city is recommending that they be tested for the virus twice yearly.
A new report [PDF] indicates that 14 percent of men who have sex with men (aka MSMs) test positive for HIV—"a rate five times [...]

D.C. Detox Clinic Manager Arrested for Double-Billing

Staff at the city detoxification clinic, on the former D.C. General Hospital campus, are used to dealing with some pretty suspect characters, so it was little surprise that police would show up there to make an arrest. What was a surprise is who they arrested on July 9: the clinic's manager, Larry W. Ricks.
Witnesses report [...]

Restaurant Cleanliness Grades Coming to D.C.?

Los Angeles has 'em. So does St. Louis, San Francisco, and the whole state of North Carolina.
Is the District next?
LL is talking letter grades here, specifically as applied to the cleanliness of restaurants, markets, taverns, and other establishments slinging comestibles. Anyone who's been to L.A. has seen a big block "A," "B," or even "C" [...]

Man Dies at City Detox Facility

A man died Monday morning while receiving treatment for a drug addiction at a District facility.
Sandy Ethridge, 59, was pronounced dead at Prince George's Hospital Center on the morning of Dec. 15. He had been admitted on Dec. 11 to the Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration's detox facility on the D.C. General campus, according to [...]