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Did an FBI Raid Lead to a Rise in Home Health-Care Complaints?

Several dozen recipients of home health-care in the District saw a drop-off.

IG: Top Execs At Disability Providers Overpaid

Several top executives at the private contractors who care for the District’s developmentally disabled are wayyyy overpaid, potentially costing taxpayers $6 million, according to the city’s inspector general.
An audit by Inspector General Charles Willoughby faulted the Department of Health Care Finance for not establishing “cost-containment controls such as compensation limits” that allowed Intermediate Care Facilities [...]

By The Numbers: Health Care Reform in D.C.

The passage of the health care reform bill was a big victory for the Obama administration—or, in Vice President Joe Biden's words, "a big fucking deal." But what does it mean for D.C.?
If you missed the link in Loose Lips Daily yesterday, let us recap. The House Energy and Commerce Committee—which obviously likes the bill—offers [...]