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At D.C. Jail, Stabbing Isn’t Life-Threatening?

Raymond Roseboro was brutally stabbed five times last Friday in the D.C. Jail. His mother, Raylette Roseboro, says her son was "stabbed twice in the chest, once in the back, once in the shoulder and once in the forehead."
She also says that, at first, the jail kept her in the dark about the situation. City [...]

DOC Finally Responds To Mendo On Jail Assault Issue

On Feb. 22, City Desk reported that there had been six inmate-on-inmate stabbings at the D.C. Jail since November. We followed up to report that the Department of Corrections refused to offer their own statistics on the subject.
But the DOC still had to comply with At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson's request for data leading up to [...]

D.C. Jail Inmate: ‘Instead Of Being Correct I Am Being Corrupted’

This morning, Councilmember Phil Mendelson, the chair of the Judiciary Committee, will hold an oversight hearing on the Department of Corrections. Hopefully, Mendo will get some answers out of Director Devon Brown about all the stabbings at the D.C. Jail. Brown (pictured) has a decent reputation and there were high hopes for his tenure running [...]

Department Of Corrections Refuses To Say How Many Inmates Have Been Stabbed At The D.C. Jail

On Feb. 22, City Desk had reported that there had been at least six stabbings at the D.C. Jail since November. A few days prior to our post, we wrote the Department of Corrections with a simple request. We asked for the department's own figure on the number of stabbings since November.
On Feb. 18, the [...]

At Least Six Stabbings Inside D.C. Jail Since November

The Department of Corrections continues to have a problem with violence inside the D.C. Jail. In November, an inmate was stabbed. On Jan. 13, Darrell C. Lee II was stabbed multiple times inside his cell. City Desk has learned of four additional violent incidents. According to sources familiar with events, at least four additional inmates [...]

Inmate Stabbed Inside The D.C. Jail; Broken Cell Door May Be Linked To Incident

On January 13, Darrell C. Lee II was stabbed multiple times inside his D.C. Jail cell. The door to Lee's cell was apparently broken; his door could not close. After taking a shower, Lee returned to his cell, and was then allegedly jumped by several inmates.
The inmates reportedly used a black knife, stabbing Lee multiple [...]

D.C. Jail Releases Inmate Early, City Officials Wrongly Blame Superior Court

On Tuesday, news broke that the D.C. Jail renewed one of its most steady pastimes: screwing up an inmate's release. Throughout the jail's recent history, Department of Corrections officials had made a habit of either releasing inmates too early or holding inmates well beyond their release dates. In the case of Tira Williams, jail officials [...]

D.C. Jail’s Cell Doors Don’t Work—Leads To ‘Riot’ Last Month

This past week, City Desk reported that the D.C. Jail has shut down its visitation hours for the early part of this month. The Department of Corrections told us that the reason families can't see their loved ones is simple: Officers are conducting a total sweep of the jail.
The closure's timing is suspicious but seems [...]

Thank You, Beverly Young

Beverly Young has announced that she is leaving District government. This is big news for reporters on the crime beat. For years, Young served as the spokesperson for the Department of Corrections which meant the D.C. Jail. This was not exactly a happy job filled with good news. During her tenure, inmates escaped, there were [...]