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Did Fire Chief Dennis Rubin Perjure Himself? Nope.

This morning, Examiner's Michael Neibauer broke off another scoop from the fishy fire truck story that he broke last spring. On the heels of a D.C. Council investigative report, he describes how Dennis Rubin, the city's fire and EMS chief, testified on April 1 last year that he knew very little about the shady donation [...]

Fire Chief Dennis Rubin Also Not A Fan Of ‘Cocksucker’

I almost feel sorry for Fire/EMS Chief Dennis Rubin. A video deposition he had taken in a whistleblower case has now landed on YouTube. In early October, the Government Accountability Project deposed Rubin in connection with a civil suit brought by former Fire Department Deputy General Counsel Theresa Cusick. In the interest of fairness, the [...]

OAG Calls. It Wants Its Emails Back.

Today, I wrote up a piece about how Office of Attorney General lawyers were/are furious with fire department brass. What's the reason for their anger? A shoddy investigation into the Georgetown Library fire that has become the subject of a massive lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court. The shoddy investigation means a lot of problems with [...]

Fire Brass Likes Parking in Front of Hydrant

The D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services department has hydrant problems, that much we know. With water flow cited as a key cause in the destruction of Peggy Cooper Cafritz's Chain Bridge Road manse last month, the department has been checking and rechecking plugs across the city to prevent another disaster.
Tania Shand also has hydrant [...]

Not Breaking: Councilmember Wells Suspects Eastern Market Fire Was Arson

Two years after the fact, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells has gone on the record suspecting that the Eastern Market fire was arson. Wells tells the Voice of the Hill:
"'I have a tremendous amount of suspicion that it was arson,' Wells told the Voice immediately after the market reopened Friday."
Eastern Market re-opened today with the [...]

D.C. Fire Department: Nats Fireworks Problem Solved

One day after Chief Dennis Rubin halted fireworks displays at Nats games after paper bits fell on him, the D.C. Fire Department has declared the problem has been fixed. Its press release states:
"The District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department met with the Washington Nationals to identify additional measures to ensure spectator safety [...]

Today: Fire Department Whistleblower Mops Bathrooms

Few in public service have fallen harder. Recently, we chronicled Greg Bowyer, a fire department whistleblower who had been demoted from arson investigator to hydrant checker. Today, his hydrant checking duties were temporarily suspended in favor of rescuing some flooded bathrooms. This morning he attended to the Florida Avenue NW water main break–which still appears [...]

Cheh, Mendo Request Investigation Into Fire Truck Controversy

On Friday, Councilmembers Mary Cheh and Phil Mendelson sent a letter to CFO Dr. Natwar M. Gandhi seeking an accounting of "every travel expenditure incurred by the Executive Office of the Mayor and every subordinate agency during the months of December 2008, January 2009, and February 2009."
The reason: the fishy fire truck donation to the [...]

Dan Tan Plows Ahead on Numbers

More on City Administrator Dan Tangherlini's budget powwows. Post lunch, the city's top day-to-day manager had three additional rounds of discussions with agency directors on money—first with the Office of Property Management (OPM). "We need to find savings everywhere we can," said Tangherlini to OPM Director Robin-Eve Jasper. "We're doing to look to you for [...]

“Final Report” Out on Eastern Market; Chief Rubin Sticking to Electrical Cause, Despite ATF Findings

For those still waiting for a final pronouncement on the cause of the Eastern Market fire of April 30, 2007, be prepared to wait a little longer...maybe forever. As the City Paper reported in December (Cover Story, "Was This Really an Accident?"), various D.C. Fire & EMS personnel believe (and a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, [...]