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Everybody’s Moving to D.C.

There's a reason D.C. rents are sky-high and applying for a group house is starting to feel like applying to college: Lots of people are moving here. D.C. beat out every U.S. state for most inbound moving trips as compared to overall moves in 2012, at least according to new data from a van company.
Sixty-three [...]

Washington Gets Six Months Younger

An influx of younger residents over the past three years has dropped the median age in the Washington area by six months to just 36 years old, the Post reports. As young people move here or decide to stay after graduating from D.C. colleges, however, Washington is also losing its old residents.
So many young adults [...]

Income Segregation Up in D.C.

The Pew Research Center released a report yesterday on income segregation in 2010, and the news isn't good—neither nationally nor in D.C.
Pew used a set of criteria called the Residential Income Segregation Index (RISI) to determine how separately the rich and poor live in a metro area, on a scale of 0-200—200 being the [...]

New Yorkers: They’re Just Like Us!

The New York Times City Room blog summarizes demographic shifts in New York City and finds that the town lost 100,000 black residents—even as it gained 200,000 people—half of whom left Brooklyn:
Brooklyn, which accounted for 49,000 of the city’s 100,000 loss in black residents, experienced its own version of suburbanization as blacks moved from the [...]

It’s Official: Young D.C.ers Are ‘Hip’

Pity the poor Washington Post reporter tasked with writing about young adults. You start with a sufficiently straightforward piece of newsworthy information—say, U.S. Census figures showing the folks between ages 20 and 34 now make up a third of Washingtonians, and represent nearly all of the past decade's population growth—but before you know it you're [...]