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St. John’s President Addresses Football Rumors, Says No New Coach

Sometimes rumors are just rumors.
For the last few days there's been scads of internet r-mongering regarding DeMatha football coaching legend Bill McGregor allegedly talking with various Catholic schools about making a coaching comeback at a rival school.
The noise started on the message board over at the fab, where the most knowledgable and wackiest prep [...]

Bombshell in Rumorville: DeMatha Legend Bill McGregor Returning to Prep Football With Rival School?

The editors and readers at DC Sports Fan have been way ahead of the curve in essentially every big personnel move on the prep athletics scene for a while now.
Posters there, for example, were predicting Bill McGregor's odd departure last season from DeMatha, where he'd built up one of the premier prep football programs in [...]

More DCIAA Buffoonery On View as Dunbar Hosts DeMatha

I wrote lots of words for this week's print edition of Washington City Paper about the sorry hand DC Public Schools football players have been dealt.
The adults who run athletics for DC's high schools do the poorest job of running a league that I've ever seen. Nobody comes close.
Forfeits come in bunches in the city's [...]

McGregor Out at DeMatha?

Update 1:02 PM: According to the school, Bill McGregor has officially resigned.
Word out of Hyattsville is that Bill McGregor will announce he's quitting as DeMatha's head football coach today.
Such a move has been rumored for more than a week, but McGregor's exodus, if that indeed happens, will come as huge news in the local and [...]

Massacre? What Massacre? DeMatha Ends Another Season Looking Down at Everybody Else

DeMatha got beat by fifty points in January.
That doesn't happen in the real world. DeMatha's been the king of local prep basketball for half a century. So some local hoopheads couldn't get their, well, hoopheads around the Stags' 75-25 loss to St. Anthony's of Jersey City, N.J., in a nationally televised game called the HoopHall [...]

DeMatha Gets ‘Massacred’ on ESPN, End of World to Follow?

Sometimes, a loss is more than a loss. That's the way some folks are reading DeMatha's failures on Saturday against St. Anthony's of Jersey City, N.J.
The game was held in Springfield, Mass., site of the Basketball Hall of Fame. St. Anthony's scored the first 18 points and ran off to a 75-25 win.
St. Anthony's ain't [...]

DeMatha/Good Counsel Update: Schoolboy Football Rivalry Gone Too Crazy for the Schoolboy Football Crazies?

On the verge of prep practices opening all across the area, the DeMatha/Good Counsel rivalry is getting sillier or fabulouser by the day, depending on how seriously you take high school sports. Even some obsessives are wondering if it's getting out of hand.
Here at Cheap Seats, both the weekly and daily incarnations, we've done what [...]

Ten Men Out: Ever Heard of a High School Football Game Being ‘Fixed’?

This week, for the profit-centristic print version of Washington City Paper, I wrote about Bernie Dancel, who gives a lot of money away to do-gooder efforts all across the region. My story focused mainly on the money Dancel's given to the football program at Our Lady of Good Counsel, which heads into the 2010 [...]

Weekend In Review: Did The Hoyas Get Screwed?

The Fish Market flooded! Is it me or do you see those flood warnings think it's BS? Maybe I should take those warnings seriously—especially after seeing pictures of the flooded market. SWDC blog writes:
"An overcast Sunday morning brought surprises to the Southwest Fish Market which was flooded by high water on the Washington Channel [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Maryland GreenHawks Coach Dies

The Maryland GreenHawks latest new coach, Otis Hailey, died early Saturday. The team attributed Hailey's death to kidney failure. He had been with the squad for only two games.
Adam Dantus, general manager of the Premier Basketball League squad, says Hailey had a chronic kidney condition and received regular dialysis treatments. He had a dialysis session [...]

Photos: But I’m A Cheerleader

Cheap Seats Daily: Charlie Weis? No! Marty Schottenheimer? Yes!

This holiday season has given me a new favorite TV commercial: the one for Fun Slides.
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
That's a pair of slippery plastic pieces you strap to the bottom of your shoes like skates and slide around the house in. The spots for these carpet skates [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Introducing the Open Letter Tracking Service™?

Hot Stove League update: The Nationals sign a guy named "Pudge."
The Washington Times headline writer assumes everybody knows who the Pudge in question is. The Nats' new Pudge, AKA Ivan Rodriguez, no longer wears the nickname real well.
First of all, he's 38 years old, and "Pudge" is one of those handles that doesn't age with [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Could Henry ‘Cocksucker’ Allen Work Up a Charticle?

For this week's despised-by-visionaries print edition of Washington City Paper, I took a shot at my first charticle. Couple things I came away with:
1)Henry Allen really is a cocksucker. Charticles are hard as balls.
2)Charticles don't work real well in the pro-visionary online format. See for yourself! But charticles are grand in print. So pick up [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Guess Who We Blame for Adam Lambert’s Stumble?

Both JLo and Adam Lambert stumbled on stage at the American Music Awards. You don't see that much at these big shindigs, two such polished performers just falling on their ass, given all the prep work that goes into these routines.
Wait just a second... The AMA's...Hmmmm...Isn't that a Dick Clark Productions production?
Why, yes, it is!
And [...]