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Photo: Kelly Towles @ Crafty Bastards

Cheetahs Bite Deer to Death at National Zoo

A wild deer apparently jumped into the cheetah yard at the National Zoo this morning and didn't make it out alive.
Zoo spokeswoman Annalisa Meyer says in an email that a zookeeper heard "bleating" from the yard at around 11:40 a.m. and, upon investigation, saw a brother-sister cheetah duo biting the deer in its throat and rear.
The deer [...]

Photo: Rock Creek Park

Glover Road NW, July 26

Rock Creek Park Deer Slaughter Starts Tonight

The deer of Rock Creek Park have so far avoided a depopulation plan announced last May, thanks to a lawsuit and no thanks to the efforts of an unsanctioned hunter, but they can't live forever. The National Park Service's deer culling finally starts tonight, according to a press release from the agency.
But this is no [...]

Rock Creek Park Deer Killing for Me, Not for Thee

Oh sure, the National Park Service is all about killing deer in Rock Creek Park most of the time. It just defeated a lawsuit intended to stop an upcoming deer slaughter in the park. But when an Average Joe  decides to kill some deer on his own, they throw a fit!
In a criminal information filed today, [...]

Photo: Gruesome Deer Wandering Around Montgomery County

While the proposed deer culling in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park has been hung up by a lawsuit, Montgomery County started its own culling program in Rock Creek Stream Valley Park last month. But according to one animal rights group, not all the deer that get shot in Montgomery County die.
According to animal rights group In [...]

The Needle: Wind Us Up One More Time Edition

Chuck Brown Goes Home: Now that's how you throw a funeral, D.C. Thousands of fans packed the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to celebrate the life of Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go, with music, stories, prayer, and laughs. There were some politicians there making political speeches—in which the city was promised not just a [...]

Deer In Rock Creek Park, Managed

City Paper alum Stephanie Mencimer mentions D.C.'s Rock Creek Park as an aside about how the country's deer population is exploding without any wolves to keep them in check:
Deer have been a blight on suburbia for a while now, munching their way through tract-housing gardens and making some highways extremely dangerous for motorists, as their [...]

The Needle: Doh! A Deer! Edition

Is Our Deer Learning?: Maybe it's not too late to change the award-winning designs of some of the new libraries around town. Because, apparently, the local fauna have trouble with lots of windows. A deer crashed through the plate glass in the interim library in Washington Highlands today, shattering the window; the deer had to [...]

The Needle: Fall Storm Watch Edition

Seriously? Snow?: The rumors turned out to be true—the D.C. region is under a winter storm watch for tomorrow, and yes, it could snow. It is, for the record, still October. No word on what this means for February, but honestly, we don't want to know. -3