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Unobstructed View: Sports, Death, and Twitter

"When a normal person disappears from your Twitter timeline, it’s very easy not to even mark the absence."

Happy July 4! Here’s a Brief History of D.C. Fireworks Accidents

Ever year leading up to July 4, Washingtonians are bombarded with reminders to "be safe"—safe with alcohol, safe with our grills, and, most frequently, safe with fireworks. Nationally, an average of 200 people a day are injured from fireworks in the month surrounding July 4, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. D.C. residents get [...]

Police Investigating Garbage Truck Driver’s Unusual Death

A Maryland garbage truck driver received mortal injuries in a surprising way Monday afternoon—by falling out of his truck's cab. Now the case is under police investigation.
Seventy-one-year-old Oxon Hill resident James Harvey Harris was driving a trash truck north on South Capitol Street SE Monday afternoon, according to D.C. police. Harris' truck hit a bridge [...]

The Needle: Atomic Edition

Drop The Bomb: Some elementary schools in the D.C. region still have Cold War-era air raid sirens outside (when we were growing up in Rockville in the 1980s, the siren tests used to interrupt after-school soccer practice every now and then). Now a new report indicates that all that preparation was—surprise!—not really necessary: A nuclear [...]

Ideas to Breathe New Life Into D.C. Cemeteries

While the recent grave mismanagement scandal at Arlington National Cemetery may dampen local enthusiasm for the national trend of finding creative new uses for cemeteries, in a backwards-kinda-way, it does spark questions about whether D.C. could taking better advantage of its cemetery spaces for the public good.
As The Wall Street Journal reports, cemeteries across the [...]

Record Deaths, Suicides and Fare Hikes: Metro’s Worst Year Ever

In the year since the deadliest crash in Metro history, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has at least attained a certain level of distinction. "We do not see the frequency of accidents on other properties that we are seeing on Metro," notes National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman in Tuesday's WaPo article on the transit authority's [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Remembering Brian Betts

As the death of Principal Brian Betts continues to be investigated, I spent part of my night reading something unrelated to his murder. I read the Facebook tribute page that had inevitably been created to honor his memory. On that page, there is no surplus debate, no one demonizing Michelle Rhee. And there is no [...]

Jensen Barber R.I.P.

On September 9, defense attorney Jensen E. Barber passed away at Sibley Hospital, succumbing to a lung infection. He had fought off the infection for weeks inside the ICU. He was 64.
A prominent lawyer had e-mailed me the news while I was away. He knew I'd want to know. He had listened to me talk [...]

WCP Confirms Michael Jackson’s Death

A short time ago, Washington City Paper called the L.A. Coroner's Office for confirmation on the rumors concerning the King of Pop's alleged death. 
When Washington City Paper asked for confirmation, we were put on hold. 
We are still on hold. 
While we wait, we revel in the memory of having watched (already) Al Sharpton's press conference, Michael [...]

Is Nationals Park Cursed? Phillies Announcer Collapses In Press Box And Dies

Phillies announcer Harry Kalas collapsed early this afternoon in the Nationals Park press box and died at George Washington University Medical Center. The Inquirer writes:
"The cause of the death was not announced. Today's game against the Nationals will be played, but the team will not visit the White House tomorrow.
'We lost Harry today,' David Montgomery, [...]

Your Thirst Nightmare

See that sign? Right there between the Diet Dr. Pepper and the old-school can of Canada Dry? It's a WARNING to the effect that SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH will ensue should one ROCK OR TILT the antiquated soda machine in the meticulously labeled City Paper kitchen.
Who knew that obeying one's thirst could [...]