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If Dewey Beats Truman, Then Clemens Needs a Hacksaw

Tom Boswell goes out on limbs. Those limbs break a lot.
The latest break: Yesterday's Boswell column, written after Day One of the Roger Clemens trial, predicted direness out the wazoo for the allegedly steroidal pitcher.
The lede:
When Roger Clemens walked into Courtroom 16 of the District’s federal courthouse Wednesday, he saw a long, wood-paneled room with [...]

Update: U.S. v. Roger Clemens: Who’s Winning?

The United States v. Roger Clemens trial, which is among the few things that would rank below the U.S. v. Iraq War on any list of "Current Events Americans Care About," is underway in U.S. District Court in our fine city. Opening arguments began this morning in the perjury case against Clemens, yet another fallen [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Druggie Offspring in the White House?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's not real popular inside his own home right now. But he's still got a place in the White House.
Well, in the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy, at least.
He's had that spot for years, actually. Among the anti-drug literature long available on the ONDCP's website is a roster of what is [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: FedExField Still Blows?

The Washington Post runs a Metro story about the fans who spend a day watching practice at Redskins Park. (Lemme quote Allen Iverson: "PRACTICE? We're talking PRACTICE?") One of the fans quoted in the piece is Peter Lalich. Though the story doesn't go into it, Lalich was the Everybody's-All-American kid from Springfield who was headed [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Anti-American, Anti-Bobblehead-Freak Rules Restored for Van Pelt Night!

In case you missed it: Jeopardy genius Ken Jennings puts "Dead Balls Era" in print! Man, we're he's clever!
The Redskins cut free agent receiver Jaison Williams yesterday, reducing their supply of Guys Named Williams to a mere four — Eddie, Edwin, Mike and Roydell — and stealing from me the option of filling many more [...]

Breaking News: ‘Dead Balls Era™’ Uttered By Real Genius!

For years, I've wanted to leave my mark on baseball history, as a dog might on a patch of grass. I came up with a name for those years of the game dominated by huge stats and little testes: "The Dead Balls Era."
And I forced it on people.
I put "Dead Balls Era" in print again [...]

Cal Ripken, Please Confess to Taking Something

After Alex Rodriguez's moisty ESPN interview acknowledging what sure smells like a small portion of his actual drug use, baseball's almost ready to put the dirty dealings of its Dead Balls Era™ in the rear-view mirror.
Almost. There's still one holdup: Cal Ripken hasn't been nailed yet.

Own a Piece of Hist*ry!

Jose Canseco, who will someday be viewed as the Deep Throat of the Dead Balls Era™, is offering fans and anybody else the chance to buy a bat, base, and cleats that back in 1988 factored into his becoming the first player in major league history to steal 40 bases and hit 40 home [...]