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Bowser Wants To Kill Red Top Meters

Not so fast there, DDOT. Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser wants to pull the plug on the red top meter program that eliminates free parking for disabled drivers and lets parking enforcement officers ticket drivers who don't move their cars. Mike DeBonis reports in the Post:
"Nobody really quite understands how this came to be or [...]

More Perks Of Warm Winter: Fewer Potholes

WTOP reports that pothole complaints are down, thanks to the mild weather we've been having:
The D.C. Department of Transportation reports a 22 percent drop in the overall number of service requests for pothole repairs. That breaks down to about 5.8 repair requests per day, compared with 7.6 daily service requests the previous year.
Potholes are created [...]

DDOT Halfway Through Tree Planting

DDOT notes that it's about halfway through planting the 3,540 trees it promised last fall, and has posted a handy map of all the planting locations and species. (Site works best in Firefox.)

The Needle: Lowercase Edition

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs: Important typographical news doesn't tend to break that often, so when it does, it's big. The District, it turns out, is switching up the look of street signs in the city for the first time in decades, bringing the latest highway design thoughts to D.C. Gone are the block capital letters, [...]

Why Bikeshare Data Doesn’t Speak for Everyone on a Bike

Sound the data siren: Virginia Tech's released a study about Capital Bikeshare, "A Closer Look at Casual Users and Operations"! Though there's one surprising nugget—51.33 percent of Bikeshare riders are female, while only around 30 percent of cyclists in the District in total are female—the other statistics are probably what one would expect: 78.17 percent [...]

Less Free Parking for Disabled Drivers

400 metered spaces—where handicapped people can currently park for free—are expected to be converted to pay parking, to be used only by people with handicapped placards, by the end of the month. From the Examiner:
The District Department of Transportation said the "all must pay" policy will begin later this month after it installs handicapped parking meters [...]

DDOT To Plant 3,540 Trees

Sure, this sounds like a good thing:
Current funding provides for DDOT Trees to plant 3,540 street trees across all eight wards, with installation to occur from November to May. The planting schedule for specific neighborhoods is subject to change due to equipment, weather, emergencies and other extenuating circumstances.
But when the tree-planting backlash comes, remember that I'm the [...]

From Loose Lips: Sex in the Reeves Center (and in Car under Reeves Center)

Well, this happened:
A recent report by the Inspector General says two city officials misused city property by "engaging in sexual activity" in a Reeves Center office and a city-owned car in the building's parking garage. The employees, a female District Department of Transportation staffer and a male Office of Unified Communications worker, also used their government-issued [...]

D.C. Council Treats DDOT Confirmation Hearing Like ANC Meeting

The confirmation hearing for Terry Bellamy's appointment to permanent director of the District Department of Transportation was less an examination of his skills, abilities, and progress than an airing of parochial grievances by members of the D.C. Council.
Today's four-hour hearing on Bellamy, currently DDOT's interim director, saw valuable input from testimonials by D.C. residents. But [...]

DDOT Officials Hit the Road

Former District Department of Transportation boss Gabe Klein just moved to Chicago this week, and already, two high-ranking DDOT officials are leaving the agency.
Leah Treat, deputy director for resource management, and Karina Ricks, associate director for the policy, planning, and sustainability administration, will both be resigning soon.
WAMU'S David Schultz broke the news on Twitter; DDOT officials [...]

The Needle: ET Phone Parking Space Edition

Phone Takeover of Modern Life, Continued: Pay phones are already something of a relic. Now it seems parking meters could be another piece of ancient history for the next generation. D.C. government officials announced today you can now pay for parking using your smartphone. The parking app will not, alas, help free up available spots—or [...]

The Needle: Metro Ceiling Collapse Edition

The Sky is Falling!: Mark down today's date, Nov. 18, 2010, as one to remember. For it turns out that the latest absurd problem in the Metro system—the chunks of concrete falling from the ceiling onto a platform at the Farragut North stop on the Red Line—was not the transit agency's fault! District Department of [...]

Route 29, Where Are You?

In the not-really-news-but-still-sorta-interesting department, City Desk gets results! You may recall that I've been closely following the saga of some signs around Dupont Circle that have pointed drivers in the direction of Route 29, a U.S. highway connecting the Baltimore area with Pensacola, Fla. The problem is, as I first pointed out more than five [...]

Progress in Quest to Get Errant Route 29 Signs Removed

If you've ever made your way through Dupont Circle on foot or via some sort of wheeled transportation, you might have spotted signs for Route 29, a U.S. highway that connects the Baltimore area with Pensacola, Fla. But there's a problem: Route 29 doesn't go through Dupont Circle!
It hasn't for years. But the Route 29 [...]

Tour D.C. History on Flickr

The District Department of Transportation uploaded a large set of historical photos of Washington to its Flickr page today, and they're well worth a look. (The shot above is of the intersection of F and 13th streets NW in 1970.) More photos will be coming in the future, DDOT officials say.
As you might expect for [...]