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A Confusing Street in 16th Street Heights Could Soon Make More Sense

A narrower street could mean a safer one on Arkansas Avenue NW.

The District Gets Its 200th Capital Bikeshare Station

Happy fourth birthday, Capital Bikeshare

DDOT to Convert Parking Spot Off of 14th Street NW Into Bike Parking

One car spot means space for a dozen bikes.

H Street Streetcar Will Launch Next Week (but Without Passengers)

And if all goes according to plan, humans will be able to use it sometime this year.

Why Some D.C. Parking Spots Have Astroturf and Cafe Tables Today

That's not an Occupy encampment in the parking spot. It's a "parklet."

The Needle: Snail Mail

Failed Delivery: The Washington area currently ranks as the worst region in the nation for late mail service, according to a report from the U.S. Postal Service Inspector General. -3
Paved Paradise: Twin Oaks Community Garden in Petworth could be paved over and replaced by a 44-spot parking lot for Powell Elementary School. -4

D.C.’s New Circulator Buses Could Look Like This

City buses typically have a life span of 12 years, and the oldest of the District's fleet of Circulator buses, purchased in 2003, are nearing their end. So the District Department of Transportation and other city official have begun looking at new buses to replace the aging ones. Will Handsfield, the transportation director at the Georgetown Business Improvement Business, who  is involved [...]

A New 14th Street Sinkhole Swallows Downtown D.C.

The 14th Street NW sinkhole is alive and well. No, not the one from 2013. This one's brand new.
City officials closed a portion of the 14th street block between Constitution and Pennsylvania avenues NW Tuesday because of a large sinkhole caused by sewer problems.
DC Water's Emanuel Briggs says crews are currently on scene assessing the issue and will [...]

Potholepalooza Ends Today

The month-long extravaganza in which D.C.'s Department of Transportation fills reported potholes in 48 hours instead of 72 hours ends today. The annual campaign launched on April 9.
So just how many potholes did the agency fill?
During the month of the campaign, DDOT says it filled 11,138 potholes. In all of 2014, it has filled 41,461 [...]

DDOT Study Finds Speed Cameras Work

It's pretty easy to be cynical about the rapidly growing number of speed cameras in the District, especially when the cameras already brings in more than $80 million a year for the city. But a new study (albeit an internal one with help from an outside firm) suggests that the 87 existing cameras serve a [...]

City Makes Deal For Two More Streetcars

DCist has the details on how the city managed to salvage a deal for two streetcars (on top of the three they've already purchased):
Today DDOT also announced that it had inked an $8.7 million deal with Oregon Iron Works, a Portland-based manufacturer, to purchase two new more streetcars. A similar deal signed in December quickly [...]

Council Stops Red Top Meter Enforcement

Perhaps in an attempt to blunt the backlash against red-top meters, DDOT posted a release to its site today announcing that its slow rollout and tepid enforcement would be extended through May 1.
But that appears to be too little, too late for the D.C. Council, which voted this afternoon to halt the enforcement of meters that [...]

Bowser Wants To Kill Red Top Meters

Not so fast there, DDOT. Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser wants to pull the plug on the red top meter program that eliminates free parking for disabled drivers and lets parking enforcement officers ticket drivers who don't move their cars. Mike DeBonis reports in the Post:
"Nobody really quite understands how this came to be or [...]

More Perks Of Warm Winter: Fewer Potholes

WTOP reports that pothole complaints are down, thanks to the mild weather we've been having:
The D.C. Department of Transportation reports a 22 percent drop in the overall number of service requests for pothole repairs. That breaks down to about 5.8 repair requests per day, compared with 7.6 daily service requests the previous year.
Potholes are created [...]

DDOT Halfway Through Tree Planting

DDOT notes that it's about halfway through planting the 3,540 trees it promised last fall, and has posted a handy map of all the planting locations and species. (Site works best in Firefox.)