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The Friday Limerick Review

We all have our groc'ry routines
And times when our rice just needs beans
If Giant is trouble
Your options soon double
When Target adds fresh leafy greens
If Metro is not how you travel
You know nearby "streets" are just gravel
To lighten your moods
The street work concludes
Before we are all start to unravel
The verdict came down on their side
The three [...]

True Love: Big Business Wears Support Of Graham On Its Sleeve

District Limerick: (SN)Off topic

That two-story lot was just hooey
But good for commuters from Bowie
Their cars and their trucks
Can park for six bucks
Free bonus: Make biking more screwy
When Target and Best Buy invested
We knew it would get more congested
But more halfwits swerving
At 14th and Irving
Should make that place wholly detested

The Friday Limerick Review

Today we introduce Hannah Neprash of, who will write regularly on D.C. news and politics—in limerick form.
Election week left some aghast
From last year, the difference was vast
A bell-weather? nope
Creigh Deeds had no hope
Before the first ballot was cast
The hearing for marriage rights raged
The witnesses—they got engaged
To make Council swoon
Could be a real boon
Who [...]

Afternoon Non-Scoop: IHOP Might Be Coming To Columbia Heights

Pancakes are in. Organic tofu is out. The Washington Business Journal is reporting that IHOP is in talks to move into the DCUSA behemoth. DCist is on board. Prince of Petworth appears to have scooped everyone. POP wonders what people think. We wonder, too.

Ellwood Thompson’s Puts Columbia Heights Store On Hold

DCist breaks some big news on the grocery store beat: the Richmond-based organic grocery chain Ellwood Thompson's has put on hold its plans to move into DCUSA in Columbia Heights. I have walked by their promising signs in the vacant storefront so many times and thought: I can't wait for this. Damn.
The upshot: Lines will [...]

Mystery Blood Found Outside DCUSA

Does anyone know what happened? Maybe it's not blood. Could be ketchup.
*photo courtesy of one of our intrepid readers.