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District Line Daily: Losing Control

Georgetown University's basketball team protests Eric Garner's death.

Uber Celebrates Passage of Rideshare Legislation

UberX and Lyft are closer to being legal.

Police: D.C. Cab Driver Not Involved in Sunday Sexual Assault

Police originally said a cab driver assault a woman.

Cab Drivers Honk and Block Traffic to Protest Bill Regulating UberX and Lyft

But are the cabbies hurting their own cause?

Hailing a Cab in D.C.? There May Soon Be a City-Run App for That

The District gets into the on-demand taxi game.

Undercover Cab Commission Operation Finds 27 Percent Refusal to Haul Rate

Out of 308 rides, there were 84 refusal to haul violations.

Cheh to Introduce Legislation that Would Legalize, Regulate UberX

But cabs say the bill doesn't do enough to level the playing field.

D.C. Cabs Could See 10 Percent Drop in Ridership This Year, Says Cab Commission

How much is Uber digging into D.C. cabs' business?

Hailo Cuts Prices, Hires “Rent Is Too Damn High” Guy to Call Out Uber

Hailo says Uber's prices are just too damn high.

D.C. Cab Commission May Launch New Van Service East of the River and in Other Neighborhoods

D.C. taxicabs have long been criticized for failing to serve low-income neighborhoods, particularly east-of-the-river neighborhoods in wards 7 and 8. But today, D.C. Taxicab Commission Chair Ron Linton says the commission  has a plan to put independently operated vans in these underserved areas.
The vans would take people anywhere from two to 20 blocks for a fixed rate of $5 or $6, with [...]

Discriminated Against By A D.C. Cab? There’s a New Form For That

D.C. cabs have long been accused of racial discrimination, with drivers said to frequently pass by black customers who are trying to hail a vehicle.
Today, the D.C. Taxicab Commission announced the launch of a new discrimination complaint process with the D.C. Office of Human Rights that would make it easier to report the discrimination and file the [...]

Taxi Commission Meetings Canceled Because Room Was Being Used as Warming Site

The D.C. Taxicab Commission made big headlines in 2013, but still hasn't met in 2014. The reason: Its Old Council Chambers meeting room at One Judiciary Square was being used as a warming site during the city's recent spell of cold emergencies.
The commission was supposed to have a special meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 16. That [...]