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Porn Virus “Crippling” WJLA Computers

When an attachment's named something like "sexy.exe," how do you not click it? That kind of thinking is exactly what's landed WJLA's Rosslyn newsroom in trouble today, DCRTV reports. According to a newsroom memo, a porn-themed virus circulating through the newsroom is wreaking havoc.
"If you see something like porn.exe or sexy.exe or any other [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will Prague Spring for Redskins Fans Survive Snyder’s Jack-Booted Thugs?

David Alprin had his anti-Dan Snyder artwork, or whatever you want to call the above paper plate thingee, confiscated at the gates of FedExField two weeks ago.
Alprin's a longtime Skins season ticketholder and was one of many fans who wanted to make a statement about the state of the franchise.
He'd stayed up late the night [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: If You Burn Down Your High School, Can You Show Up at Your High School Reunion?

In case you missed it: The pre-post-racial they-said/they-said-they-didn't situation from last year's Dunbar-Fort Hill football game will lead to a small, mostly ceremonial change in the athletes' Code of Conduct applied to all Maryland public high school sporting events.
The Great Dan Steinberg posts a Great Video of Ryan Zimmerman talking up D.C. United to promote [...]