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D.C.’s Noisiest Bars, According to the District Government

There's a lot of noise being made these days about, well, noise.
Last month, I followed around the D.C. Nightlife Noise Coalition, a group that formed to combat what it says are Dupont's excessively noisy bars. And in March, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration announced that its joint noise task force with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory [...]

Might Court Keep DC9 Closed?

Roger Gordon says he's going after DC9. The activist, who has been on hand throughout the controversy that emerged when 27-year-old Ali Ahmed Mohammed died outside the popular hangout, has filed an appeal with the D.C. Court of Appeals of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) decision that allows the nightclub to reopen [...]

It’s Not About The Bike(s): Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: "Howard Theater Set To Break Ground In August,"Dennis Sobin Is Offended By Anti-Fenty Booing," "Witness: Joe Price 'Pulled The Knife Out' of Robert Wone," [...]

Breakfast Slam: Loose Lips Daily

As much local politics as humanly possible. Send your tips, releases, stories, events, etc. to And get LL Daily sent straight to your inbox every morning!
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Defense Hounds Cops for Questioning Robert Wone's Sexuality," "Wone Investigators Found No Fingerprints On Fence"
Howdy. Today, the D.C. Council votes on the budget. Expect a [...]

Aftermath of Partial Rowhouse Collapse: Total Demolition

Two rowhouses that partially collapsed along Morgan Street NW last Friday may be headed for demolition.
According to a Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association Listserv report: "Unfortunately now, DCRA wants to demolish both buildings and have them re-built and many of us believe that the facades of the two properties in our historic-designated neighborhood should be saved." The poster [...]

District Finally Inspects D.C. General Shelter For Mold

Just about everyone who has entered D.C. General's family shelter has complained about the peeling paint and mold in the stairwells. The complaints are perhaps second to complaints about the food, slow case management, and bizarre staff-resident interactions. What we were wondering: Has any District agency inspected the property and attempted to abate the peeling [...]

The Saga of Philly P’s Goes On: It’s Open Today!

Yesterday in this space, City Desk reported that Georgetown's Philly Pizza & Grill was closed for good. That's what an employee said, after all, when we called to check.
But it's not!
Philly P's is still relentlessly serving up slices, despite an order to close by the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), reports the [...]

Ordered to Close, Georgetown’s Philly P’s Finally Does

After a night of drunken debauchery in Georgetown, nothing tastes better than a slice of pizza–something's gotta soak up the alcohol. But Philly Pizza & Grill on Potomac Street NW has finally shuttered, after losing a hard-fought battle with the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA).
“Philly [...]

Georgetown’s Philly P’s Will Shut Down, But Not Just Yet

For the love of pizza, the party will go on—with reduced hours, says Mehmet Kocak, owner of Philly Pizza & Grill at 1211 Potomac St. NW. And, that is, only until the place is issued an official order to vacate.
At Kocak’s third hearing before the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA), the board concluded that Philly [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Georgetown’s Philly P’s—It Ain’t a Party ‘Til It’s an After-Party

The Issue: Philly Pizza & Grill continues to serve up late-night pizza—on paper plates, no less! a dine-in faux pas!—despite promises by owner Mehmet Kocak to close at midnight, reports the Georgetown Voice. So after a night of shenanigans in Georgetown, partiers with growling stomachs may still gorge on pizza until 4 a.m. But the [...]

Where Can You Still Get Free Plastic Bags? Why, at the Farmers Market, Of Course!

The good ol’ farmers market. Promoting sustainability, healthy living, plastic bags?
The city's new 5-cent fee on them—save the Anacostia!—has GOPers picketing, residents running into Maryland and Virginia to shop, and Politics & Prose ditching the mints.
But on any given Sunday, residents can still find an abundance of free plastic bags (free bags for the [...]

The Odyssey of Ward 8 Gas Station Continues

The infamous Chevron gas station near the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Malcolm X Avenue SE, which has inspired enough hate-laced prose to fill the Library of Congress, has undergone a makeover. Is it just a fresh coat of paint, or has the station cleaned up its act? According to commentators on [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Can You Hear Me Now? Unfortunately, Say Unhappy Capitol Hill Residents

The Issue: Are dropped calls taking priority over community concerns in a historic Southeast neighborhood? Some neighbors are worried about the radiation effects of six 10-foot T-Mobile antennas installed in early October on the roof of the Polk Court Apartments at 525 G St SE. To install the towers, T-Mobile had to get permission from [...]

Marion Barry Directed City Funds To Nonprofits Under His Control

Washington City Paper is reporting tonight that Councilmember Marion Barry has funneled nearly $1 million dollars in city funds to six nonprofits under the apparent control of his own staff. Barry first secured funding for the groups in June 2008. But here's the catch: This was months before the groups existed, city records show.
Furthermore, incorporation [...]

Where Did The Residents Of 830 7th Street NE Go?

On January 26, Osman Abdullahi was gunned down by D.C. Police after an altercation inside his unlicensed group home. The home, located at 830 7th Street NE, had no heat, very little food, and no supervision. Abdullahi wasn't taking his medication at the time. The home's manager Mark Spence has a long history with troubled [...]