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Tonight: The Kinsey Sicks at the 10th Washington Jewish Music Festival

From tonight's pick by Caroline Jones: "One part kitsch, one part political satire, and one part glitter, the Kinsey Sicks, describe themselves as “America’s Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet.” The group returns to D.C. on Saturday night with a new set of parodies, skewering everyone from Condoleezza Rice to Vanna White. What began 15 years ago [...]

Report Card: How Are Local Schools Meeting Obama’s Community Service Mandate?

Jessica McKinney, John Manzari, and Taylor Reis bag trash at CCNV.
President Obama has mandated that all middle- and high-school students complete 50 hours of community service each year. Now that the President has raised the bar on youth volunteer hours, how will local schools respond?
As of now, the requirements set by D.C-area schools fall short [...]

This Weekend: Pat Hamou’s Real Machers at DCJCC Begs For Hollywood Treatment

Editor's Note: This is an expansion of this week's City Lights Pick for Real Machers (pronounced MOKH-er), at the Ann Loeb Bronfan Gallery at the D.C. Jewish Community Center near 16th & Q NW.

Graphic designer Pat Hamou first spotted a mug shot of Murder Inc. hit man Abe “Kid Twist” Reles in the New York [...]