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Even More Plagiarism From Brightest Young Things

What's going on at D.C. lifestyle site Brightest Young Things? Just hours after managing editor Logan Donaldson was caught plagiarizing in the site's spring and summer music guide—and had the allegations shrugged off by site founder Svetlana Legetic—there's new evidence that this isn't the staff's first brush with stealing copy.
Donaldson's March 15 story on the [...]

Washington Times Reporter Goes on Anti-Welfare “Ghetto” Rant

Washington Times reporter Luke Rosiak really doesn't like speed cameras. Big time. And he's no fan of people on welfare, for whom he has an ultimatum.
"I'll slow down when the people using my $200 fines to sit at home on welfare get a job–and not at Metro or a gubmint job," Rosiak tweeted this afternoon [...]

Internet Commenters Not Insightful Enough for D.C. Gov

Sorry, City Paper commenters: your shot at the big time has come and gone. Earlier this week, the D.C. government announced the first round of grades from, which scans reviews and social media to see how the city's departments are doing. Comments on Loose Lips—along with DCist, the Post's District of DeBonis, and a [...]

Charles Hurt’s Bikeshare Rant is Sexist, Too

Everyone's read Charles Hurt's totally batshit column about Capital Bikeshare for the Washington Times, right?
If you haven't, Martin Austermuhle at DCist very capably broke down just how batshit it is. But while Hurt's argument that Bikeshare is a Communist plot is exceptionally virulent, the public-transit-is-for-pinkos point isn't an entirely new one.
What is particularly chafing to [...]

The Needle: Steady Diet of Nothing Edition

Bring Out Your Books: It's finally safe to return that copy of What It Takes that you got from the library to brush up before the 2000 election. The D.C. Public Library will run an amnesty from Dec. 5 to Feb. 5, forgiving all fines for overdue, lost, or damaged books, CDs, DVDs, or other [...]

Tracking the ‘Scary’ Bay Bridge Meme

Did you hear the big news? The esteemed folks at Travel & Leisure magazine named Maryland's Bay Bridge one of the most scary in all the world! It's No. 9 on the list!
Today, the scary bridge news was mentioned by NBCWashington ("bloodcurdling"), DCist, and The Washington Post's Lori's AM Buzz.
Both WBAL-TV and The Baltimore Sun [...]

Progress in Quest to Get Errant Route 29 Signs Removed

If you've ever made your way through Dupont Circle on foot or via some sort of wheeled transportation, you might have spotted signs for Route 29, a U.S. highway that connects the Baltimore area with Pensacola, Fla. But there's a problem: Route 29 doesn't go through Dupont Circle!
It hasn't for years. But the Route 29 [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Apologize With a Poem’ Edition

Good morning.
So, in no particular order: Marion Barry is "truly, truly" sorry. Erik Wemple is leaving City Paper. Dick Cheney has had another (!) heart attack. And more snow could be on the way!

How Many DCists Can This Town Hold?

The answer is two! I think. Karen Hart,'s guide to Washington, D.C., travel, Twitters under the name washingtondcist. This was a surprise to Sommer Mathis, editor of popular local blog DCist.

Weekend in Review

Big news of the weekend is that someone is finally standing up for Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder. Who would so such a thing, you ask? Could it be spokesperson Karl Swanson? Nah, that wouldn't merit the first item in City Desk's much-acclaimed Weekend in Review feature. Could it be fellow sports mogul Ted Leonsis? Nah, [...]

Weekend in Review

We're going to front the retrocast in this edition. What happened between 6 pm on Saturday and 7 am Sunday? Something big, 'cause when I went out to check for our newspapers, I felt as if I was in another macroclimate altogether. Talk about a dry front moving in! Was the difference between walking through [...]

Real World D.C. Cast Arriving Now! Really?

DCist is reporting that the Real World DC cast may be arriving right friggin now. Has anybody been this excited by the arrival of more d-bags into D.C.? DCist writes:
"A tipster just texted that the D.C. Real World cast appears to be arriving as we speak — she reports seeing a blonde girl with a [...]

HBO, Co-Sponsors Save Screen on the Green

No need for those "Save Screen on the Green!" T-shirts–HBO has found that crucial co-sponsor. DCist reports that SOTG has indeed been saved: "Comcast and the Trust for the National Mall have come on board along with HBO to sponsor the event."
DCist also reports that films will screen Mondays through August 10, starting with Close [...]

Real Housewives Franchise Comes to D.C.

Stop me if you already read this at DCist, but Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart reports that
Bravo is spinning off yet another series from its Real Housewives franchise: The Real Housewives of D.C., which will be the fifth in the series....
The series will be produced by [D.C.'s] Half Yard Productions, which produced Discovery’s American Loggers. Different [...]

DCist: Contact Your Senator, Jon Kyl!

Thanks to the folks at DCist for putting the heat on Republican Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Az.), for saying the following in Senate proceedings on the D.C. voting rights issue:
"The District does not lack for representation in Congress. It actually already has representatives in Congress, 100 Senators and 435 House members, all of whom, under [...]