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Adrian Fenty Is Bustin’ Loose

Eight years ago, during a campaign rally in Kalorama Park, I asked then-Mayor Anthony Williams how he intended to woo the District's all-important go-go demographic. At the time, Kevin "Kato" Hammond of Take Me Out to the Go-Go magazine had been lobbying local leaders about the plight of the District's indigenous music scene and planned to endorse candidates in the upcoming [...]

Would-Be Burglars Ruin Vincent Gray’s Ice Cream Interview

City Desk was scheduled to meet up with D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray for an interview Tuesday afternoon. The venue? The Thomas Sweet ice cream parlor in Georgetown, a place the chairman's mayoral campaign picked. In the process, City Desk–with photographer Darrow Montgomery in tow–may have ruined an ice cream outing for President Obama's daughters, [...]

Anonymous Tip Leads Cops to Crack-Carrying Fenty Canvasser

Demitrius Eccles, 29, the Fenty campaign canvasser arrested for selling crack, was turned in by a concerned citizen. Court documents reveal that his bust was the result of an anonymous tip:
"The caller advised Officer Edelen that a guy named Demitrius Eccles was selling crack cocaine in the 6200 and 6300 block of Georgia Ave. NW [...]

Jim Graham On Developer Donations: ‘Ain’t No Corruption In Me’

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham has managed to raise more than $210,000, according to recent campaign finance reports. You can bet that the coffers of his challengers–Bryan Weaver and Jeff Smith–are tiny in comparison. Graham's major moolah seems to imply he has some moneyed friends. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that. Well, unless one of those friends was once [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

An end to that timeless charade?
(Where Fenty's a jerk through his aide)
Did all of that dough
Make Fenty bestow
The tickets 'fore game one is played?
This week was a sign of our times
And needs something more than mere rhymes
So check out these shots
Of folks tying knots
Imagine those wedding bell chimes...
If I played it cool, I'd be lying
I'm [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

For walkers, this week was bad luck
While crossing the street, two were struck
Sure, fate is capricious
But why not delicious?
Heck yes, I'd get hit by this truck
It sure seems that Metro's bemoaning
The change that had riders all groaning
With kiosks outmoded
Make fares auto-loaded
Not yet, though, 'cause Catoe's postponing
I'm sad to see Cephas depart
For with him, that man [...]

First Debate of DCision 2010: Ray v. Mendo in Southwest Showdown!

It wasn't much, really, the first candidates' face-off of the 2010 election cycle. But LL's still excited to have a campaign to cover.
The two declared Democratic at-large D.C. Council candidates, incumbent Phil Mendelson and challenger Clark Ray, took turns answering questions for a little more than an hour last night in the basement of a [...]

Vince Gray Talks Mayoral Prospects

Early last Sunday—like 6 a.m. early—D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray briefly discussed a potential mayoral run in response to a question on WRC-TV's Viewpoint program. Long story short, he's not ruling it out:

DCision 2010: It’s Gonna Have Faith! And Anthony Motley!

With a mere 15 months remaining until Primary Day 2010, LL thought he would run down who is thus far committed to electoral runs—committed, in the sense of actually having filed papers with the Office of Campaign Finance.

Incumbent Adrian M. Fenty—Duh. Dude's got at least $2 million in the bank.
Sulaimon Brown—D.C. Wire had the scoop [...]

Kwame Brown’s Dad Collecting Names for Mayoral Run

Those of you searching for a candidate chomping at the bit to take on Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and his $2 million-plus war chest, look out: An honest-to-God 2010 mayoral challenger has made his first nibble.
Well, his dad has, anyway.
Marshall Brown, the longtime political organizer and father of At-Large Councilmember Kwame R. Brown, sent out [...]

Clark Ray for D.C. Council Draft Committee Reveals Itself

Well, it's out in the open now.
A draft committee that was possibly the worst-kept secret in local politics in recent weeks has revealed itself today, in a press release and Web site urging Clark E. Ray, recently fired Department of Parks and Recreation director, to run for an at-large council seat.
"We believe that Clark Ray [...]

It’s Official: Motley Running as Independent

Well, that didn't take long: Anthony Motley will be running as an independent for an at-large council seat in 2010.
As first reported by LL last month, Motley is the first non-incumbent to declare for the 2010 at-large race, but there was some question over whether he would run as a Democrat or not. Motley is [...]

Anthony Motley Declares 2010 Council Run

DCision 2010 begins in earnest: We have our first official D.C. Council challenger.
That would be the Rev. Anthony Motley, the Congress Heights minister and civic activist. Earlier this month, he sent a letter to a select group of friends, informing them that he has "decided to launch a campaign for an At-Large City Council seat [...]

Fenty 2010: Are Bigger Donations Better?

In his column this week, LL broke down the more than $2 million raised by the Adrian M. Fenty fundraising juggernaut.
LL indulged his math and computer nerdness and pulled the Fenty 2010 data filed last week into a spreadsheet, then, with assists from CPers Will Atwood Mitchell and Ryan J. Reilly, he began coaxing whatever [...]

Fenty Raises $2M Toward Re-Election

My, oh, my—that didn't take long.
According to documents filed late last night with the city campaign finance office, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has already raised over $2 million for his 2010 re-election campaign.
It's an absolutely staggering sum, considering both the lousy state of the economy and that for the whole of his 2006 election campaign, [...]