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Photo: Priests at DC9

Katie Alice Greer from Priests, Jan. 8th at DC9.  © 2014 Matt Dunn

What a Previously Unreleased MPD Account Says About the Night Ali Ahmed Mohammed Died

On Oct. 16, 2010, the head of the Metropolitan Police Department's homicide branch sat down to document a 911 call. The request for service had come into the District's Office of Unified Communication via cellphone the day before, at around 2:30 a.m., and figured prominently in a high-stakes case, one for which the chief of police [...]

Photos: VV Brown at DC9

Ali Mohammed’s Family Will Sue DC9

Almost a year to the day of Ali Mohammed's death outside DC9 on 9th Street NW, his family will mark the anniversary of his passing with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, says a press release issued by the family's spokesperson. Tomorrow at 10:30 a.m., it promises, Mohammed's family and supporters will gather outside DC9 to annouce [...]

DC9 Death Case: Drug Rumor Finally Debunked

Almost a year later, there are still lingering questions about the death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed outside the DC9 nightclub.
One of the most prominent among them: That the young Ethiopian was in a drug-fueled rage on the October night when he allegedly chucked a brick at the club's window and subsequently ended [...]

Photo: Woman on Cell Phone

DC9, 8/19. © 2011 Michael W. Hicks

DC9 Murder Case Officially Closed, No Criminal Charges Coming

Five DC9 nightclub employees once arrested for the murder of Ali Ahmed Mohammed won't be facing any charges at all.
Though the Metropolitan Police Department cuffed them on Oct. 15, saying they beat Mohammed to death after he allegedly chucked a brick through their club's window, the U.S. Attorney's office dropped all charges against Bill Spieler, [...]

Ethiopian Community Presses Prosecutor for Answers

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen met with leaders from the District's Ethiopian community Sunday. Though various subjects came up, some who attended the meeting (press was not invited) say most of the discussion concerned the death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed.
But that doesn't mean community leaders walked away with many answers. "They didn't say anything," says one [...]

Mike Vick Lawyer May Not File Suit Against DC9

At one point, it seemed as if a wrongful death suit against nightclub DC9 was imminent, and that the suit would be filed by prominent lawyer Billy Martin. Martin has represented high-profile clients like Michael Vick and Monica Lewinsky. After being chased by the bar's staff, Ali Ahmed Mohammed died outside the club [...]

Did Police Jump on DC9 Case?

Could police have avoided the initial uproar over Ali Ahmed Mohammed's death outside DC9?

On Friday, the city's chief medical examiner suggested top Metropolitan Police Department officials could have gotten the facts right from the outset if only they'd checked in.
Dr. Marie Pierre-Louis was responding to a question put to her by Councilmember Phil Mendelson during a [...]

Months After a Tragedy, Restrictions on DC9 are Lifted

Last night, 9th Street NW nightclub DC9 held a fundraiser for Ethiopian charities from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Though the event wasn't advertised via the club's event calendar, fliers were distributed in the vicinity of the establishment. At a Jan. 19 Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration hearing, the liquor board urged [...]

DC9 Employees Can Go Back to Work

Talk about a reversal of fortune: City liquor authorities ruled today that the five DC9 employees who were once charged with murder in the death of Ali Mohammed outside the club can get their jobs back.

DC9 Case: That Night’s Brawl

Months later, we're still putting the pieces together.
An hour before the Oct. 15 incident that would end with Ali Ahmed Mohammed dead, a fight broke out at DC9. That's according to Damon Dixon, 37, a bartender there. The fight, which occurred around 1:30 a.m., allegedly involved Georgio Tuccio, 21. Dixon describes the moments before the fight [...]

Ali Mohammed’s Family Requests Autopsy Report

The family of Ali Ahmed Mohammed wants more details from the District government about how Mohammed died outside DC9 on Oct. 15. A source close to the family tells City Desk Mohammed's relatives have requested his autopsy report from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. OCME spokesperson Beverly Fields couldn't immediately confirm  [...]

Homicide: Ali Mohammed’s Death Ruling Explained

Now that the D.C. Medical Examiner has ruled Ali Ahmed Mohammed's death a homicide, and that the cause was "Excited Delirium Associated With Arrhythmogenic Cardiac Anomalies, Alcohol Intoxication and Physical Exertion With Restraint," we're left to wonder what the heck that means. Moses Schanfield, a professor of Forensic Science and Anthropology at George [...]