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Everyone May Not Get a New Trashcan. But Does Everyone Need One?

Mayor Vince Gray announced to much fanfare last month that the Department of Public Works would start delivering new Supercans and bigger recycling bins to each District household in January. But the plan hit a major hiccup yesterday when the D.C. Council voted unanimously to reject $9 million in funding for the project, which was largely [...]

Photo: Terrier Race

Terrier Race at Virginia Gold Cup, The Plains, VA, May 4th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Mysterious “Panel Crasher” Hunts for Free Food at Think Tanks

How much free food can one man eat? That's the challenge faced by  pseudonymous blogger Panel Crasher, who's been trying to eat as much as he can at Washington think-tank events since being laid off earlier this year.
The Panel Crasher, who wouldn't reveal his name in an interview with City Desk, lost his job at [...]

District Line Daily: Vote-Splitting in the Council Race

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Will Washington's "reform" candidates split the at-large D.C. Council vote like they did in 2012? A [...]

Washington Still the New Versailles

Sacre bleu, citoyen! The idea that Washington residents are living in a 21st-century Versailles first gained currency on Sean Hannity's BoomTown. But now another Fox News colleague John Stossel is pushing the metaphor—and all the eventual guillotining that entails—too:
Government buildings are grand, too, even new ones like the Reagan office building. "It's very much like [...]

D.C. Area Not So Hot Anymore

What happened to us? While the rest of the country was stuck in the recession, Washington actually had jobs, and people wanted to move here because of it . But as the economy recovers, the Post reports, America's gain is Washington's loss.
New Census figures from July 2011 to July 2012 put Washington at 15th on [...]

Photos: The Make Up

Black Cat, Sept. 20th.   © 2012 Matt Dunn

Fairfax Official Taunts D.C. Over Scandals

Looks like corralling Loudoun County into the Silver Line has gone to Fairfax County's head. Last week, Fairfax housing official Robert Schwaninger played the world's tiniest violin in the Post, touting his county's comparative lack of scandals:
Whereas other jurisdictions can brag about their shadow governments of wheelers and dealers, we’ve got a bunch of public-servant types [...]

“Patriot” Hate Groups In D.C. On The Rise

Of the dozen recognized hate groups in D.C., there’s one chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, a couple of black supremacist outfits, and a rising number of so-called “patriot” organizations, according to a forthcoming report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
We talked to Mark Potok, a senior fellow at SPLC, who notes that this is [...]

More People Are Moving From D.C. To Maryland And Virginia

D.C seems to be shedding residents, at least locally—23,202 to Maryland and 10,593 to Virginia last year—while the states aren't sending as many back our way. Only about 13,503 moved to D.C. from Maryland, and about 7,915 crossed over from Virginia:
Stronger job growth and a healthier housing market in the region account for much of [...]

Welcome to Arlington, D.C.

Some 165 years ago this month, residents of what are now Arlington and Alexandria voted to exit the District of Columbia and rejoin the State of Virginia. The retrocession came after years of gripes—some of which would sound familiar today (residents resented Congressional budget meddling), while other would sound quite odd (the retroceders wanted out [...]

Photos: Sunday in the Alley

Mount Pleasant, April 24

Photo: Title and Tags

The Blotter: Yes! We’re Robbing You

Bias Attack: Wielding a pipe, a man allegedly went after two transgender individuals on March 13. Via MPD listserv, Sergeant Carlos Mejia says the two victims were in the area of 14th and Shepherd Streets NW when a suspect decided to club them with metal. He says cops discovered the suspect attacked the victims because [...]

Confessions of a Wi-Fi Loafer – DC’s New Parking Rules “Completely Suck”

I was just loafing when this popped into my inbox: The District Department of Transportation is doing away with one of the city's sweetest freebies: Saturday parking. Starting soon, drivers will have to feed the meters on Saturdays, just like they do Monday through Friday. The rate for primo spots in parking-challenged neighborhoods is also [...]