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What Exactly Does ‘Statehood or Else’ Mean?

And could a multimedia campaign under that banner get the District closer to equality?

District Line Daily: Eric Holder and D.C. Voting Rights

Rock Creek Park turns the big 1-2-4!

D.C. Voting Rights Have a Friend in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire House passed legislation today expressing its support for D.C. to be fully represented in Congress, in a 145-133 vote.
What does this mean for D.C.? On a practical level, absolutely nothing.
Symbolically, however, this could help build momentum for activists who are rallying for D.C. statehood, or at least a vote in Congress. This is [...]

Marching on Washington, 50 Years Later

The only thing that could get in the way of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington Wednesday was the media.
Led by veteran marchers of 1963, hundreds of activists, schoolchildren, and other participants gathered on the 600 block of New Jersey Avenue NW to re-create the events of Aug. 28, 1963. En route to [...]

Today in D.C. History: District’s Virginia Territory Retroceded to Old Dominion

The District didn’t always resemble a piece of squareish bread with a huge bite-size chunk missing. Once upon a time—more than 160 years ago—Arlington County and part of the city of Alexandria fell within the District's limits, completing a full diamond that spanned the Potomac River.
Or at least it did until 1847, when the federal [...]

Today in D.C. History: Fauntroy Says D.C. Close to Achieving Statehood Dreams

On Feb. 7, 1987, the District’s then-non-voting congressional delegate, Walter Fauntroy, declared that D.C.’s statehood hopes would soon be realized during a voting rights strategy session the pastor and civil rights leader organized.
As City Paper's Loose Lips reported in the Feb. 13 issue that year:
Fauntroy painted a rosy picture of the prospects for for action [...]

So Much For ‘Self-Determination,’ Council Ices Statehood Committee

It still has a website–but it seems that D.C. Council's Special Committee on Statehood and Self-Determination is no longer.
Doxie McCoy, communications director for Council Chairman Vincent Gray, emailed this week in response to City Paper's cover story, "How the Gun Lobby Shot Down D.C.'s Congressional Vote," to point out that Councilmember Michael A. Brown no [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

You just killed your sixth PBR
And surely you can't drive a car
A bike's your resort?
Heck no, says the Court
You might as well sleep at the bar
The Council made up for lost time
By voting that weed ain't a crime
Get in on the icky
By being a sickie
(No love for you folks in your prime)
And speaking of lives [...]

Photo: Give Me A Vote

Artist Decoy Carrying A Giant Hand for the Give Me A Vote Project, Dupont Circle.
© 2010 Matt Dunn

District Limerick: The Day After

Last night, a consensus emerged
No service cuts, citizens urged
Perhaps it is time
To raise fares a dime
If hours and routes are not purged
And speaking of talk about rail
The prez wants high speed up to scale
Not in the sound bites:
D.C. voting rights
Despite what showed up in the mail

Our Morning Roundup: Voting/Vegan Rights Edition

DCist reports on the efforts to get rid of the gun amendment attached to the Voting Rights bill. Activists "seem to be ignoring his comments and have renewed the push to make a clean D.C. voting rights bill." So there's lobbying and a mass email and a strong rebuke against Fenty's comments last week that [...]

D.C. Police Seize Plenty Of Guns

The D.C. Police Department is making these guns and ammo seizures a regular feature on its website. As if before that annoying gun amendment to the D.C. Voting Rights Bill was added, guns weren't a problem—at least not a problem worth documenting on an almost daily basis. But kudos to the department for doing it. [...]

D.C. Police Seize More Guns

The D.C. Police Department continues its sly campaign to make everyone—especially Republicans—aware that there are guns, guns, guns floating around the city. In today's edition, a handgun gets turned in to 2D, a BB gun is recovered, and plenty of ammo is found.

It’s All About The Guns

So yesterday, the Senate passed a bill that would give us a vote in the House. Real Representation. But there's a catch—a gun amendment that would strip the District of its gun laws. The Post writes:
"Some D.C. officials said it was ironic that the Senate bill granted the city full representation in the House while [...]

D.C. Voting Rights Liveblog

Right now, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, big shots are talking D.C. voting rights. At issue is a bill that would create a vote in the House for the District of Columbia, which, as we all know, is disenfranchised on the Hill.
1:44 pm: Sen. Joseph Lieberman enters statement from Sen. Orrin Hatch [...]