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The Needle: Butt Slasher Edition

No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts: Last year's odd criminal on the loose in suburban D.C. retail establishments was the semen sprayer, who approached women in grocery and craft stores near Gaithersburg and, as the name implied, squirted semen on them from a bottle he carried. This year? It's the butt slasher. Police released video of [...]

The Needle: Practice Gambling Edition

Bank Busted: Feeding families who can't afford to keep enough food on their own tables was a difficult job before the economy collapsed. But these days—with more and more people in the region needing to turn to food banks—it's gotten even harder. The Capital Area Food Bank says it'll have to start charging member agencies [...]

Freddy’s Not Dead! Young Geezer Freddy Adu Resurrected in Gold Cup Final

I'm no Andres Cantor, but in my lifetime big-game soccer has rarely lived up to the hype. Coaches and refs tend to tense up and leave championship matches of all sorts to be decided by flukes and penalty kicks.
But Saturday's USA/Mexico matchup for the CONCACAF Gold Cup title, which I caught on over-the-air no-pay channel [...]

The Needle: The Beach Tolls For You Edition

Bridge Loan: As May rolls along toward Memorial Day weekend, visions of the Delaware and Maryland beaches start dancing in District residents' heads—until those visions turn to nightmares of being stuck in traffic on Route 50 for hours and hours. Add to those nightmares this year a new fright: the $5 Bay Bridge toll. Current [...]

The Needle: Diplomatic Real Estate Edition

Embassy for Sale: If local real estate listings are any indication, there may be some budget cuts on the way for Central African Republic. The nation just put its embassy's office space up for sale, for $1.3 million. Diplomats aren't usually fond of giving up anything in the way of comforts, so if a country [...]

Washington Post to Sponsor Massive Loser Support Group!

The Washington Post has announced it's hosting a roundtable of area sports owners next week.
The gathering, titled “Scoring Big: The Business of Sports,” is headlined by Dan Snyder and Ted Leonsis, but the supporting cast will include Robert Tanenbaum and Marla Lerner Tanenbaum of the Nationals and D.C. United's Will Chang.
For now, this crowd should [...]

The Needle: Ho, Ho, Ho Edition

Baltimore United?: Has there ever been a more nefarious, underhanded state than Maryland? Our northern neighbors have embarked on a campaign to snatch D.C. United out of the District and relocate the team to Baltimore, putting out a study predicting up to $6.4 million in state and local revenues if the Maryland Stadium Authority built [...]

The Needle: Day After Edition

It's Just Lunch: One man is at the crest of his political power, having just swept to office unchallenged except by a few write-in votes, a bugler, and the Socialist Workers Party. The other? Well, he's seen better days. Such will be the backdrop as Almost Mayor Vince Gray joins President Obama for lunch on [...]

Will D.C. United Fans Vote With Their Feet?

For the alarmingly influential print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about D.C. United having fallen off the face of the political planet since the last mayoral election. Pick up a copy, read the column, get out the vote.
Four years ago next month, just before being elected mayor, Adrian Fenty came to [...]

In the Eyes of the World, RFK Stadium Isn’t Soccer-Friendly?

A group from FIFA, the all-powerful and mostly shady global soccer sanctioning body, is in town this morning for a quick look-see of the local facilities as part of a national tour before deciding if the U.S. should be granted another shot at hosting a World Cup in 2018 or 2022.
Here's the itinerary for the [...]

The Needle: Pepco Under Pressure Edition

Manly Deeds, Womanly Words, Pepco Oversight: The Maryland Public Service Commission announced it wants Pepco to appear at a hearing Tuesday morning to explain why the utility can't quite manage to actually provide electrical service to its customers. 60,000 people lost power in yesterday's storms, and nearly 40,000 of them were still in the dark [...]

The Needle: Spraying Semen Edition

Semen Sprayer Struck Second Spot: Gaithersburg police now say Michael Wayne Edwards squirted semen onto a woman at a Michael's craft shop, not far from the Giant where he first debuted the strangest crime the region has seen in a while. This business of spiriting semen around in a hand-spritzer and spraying it—and then photographing [...]

Morning Roundup: Lazy Soccer Players Edition

Good morning, Washington. For those who missed it, President Obama is sending 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to fix that “darned fence.” But Arizonans still aren’t satisfied.
Closer to home, prosecutors continued their marathon screening of police interrogation video in the Robert Wone murder-conspiracy trial yesterday, including footage of interviews with suspects Joseph Price and Dylan Ward. [...]

Photo: Football Fever

Man with big football © 2010 Matt Dunn

Cheap Seats Daily: Win Over Dallas Was ‘Better Than Asbestos Litigation’?

More proof that everybody but Highlights Magazine is writing about the Redskins: Now, even the military/industrial complex is going after Dan Snyder., a website for the forces, ran a story "Redskins Owner Dan Snyder Doesn't Want You to Support the Troops in His Stadium."
The piece takes a photo of a poster taken by FedExField [...]