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On D.C. United, the MLS Playoffs, and Hurricane Sandy

D.C. United will host its first Major League Soccer playoff game in five years on Saturday night, after MLS forced the team to swap dates in a two-game home-and-away series with bitter rivals Red Bull New York, whose stadium in Harrison, N.J., was left without power by Hurricane Sandy. Originally, United was scheduled to play at [...]

The Needle: Teddy for Halloween

Teddy Wins: Will freshly victorious Teddy Roosevelt be a hit for Halloween tonight? This Teddy costume, made in Colorado of all places, looks pretty good. +3
Yellow Card: Post-Sandy rescheduling has put D.C. United at a disadvantage against the New York Red Bulls. -4

D.C. United Coach Ben Olsen Appearing in D.C. Vote Ads

Amid talk of a proposed referendum on whether D.C. should control over its own budget without interference from Congress, D.C. United coach Ben Olsen is trying to score a goal for D.C. autonomy by appearing in D.C. Vote ads.
In the ads, which will run on bus and in bus shelters, Olsen has red tape over [...]

The Needle: A Machete for D.C. Soccer

Hack the Planet: Washington Post polls aside, not everybody wants Vince Gray to resign. Just take a look at new site, a pro-Gray website registered by D.C. Latino Caucus founder Franklin Garcia. So far, the site's petition in support of Gray has seven signatures. +2
Jungle Work: Presumably inspired by Michelle Rhee's famous TIME broom [...]

The Needle: Wind Us Up One More Time Edition

Chuck Brown Goes Home: Now that's how you throw a funeral, D.C. Thousands of fans packed the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to celebrate the life of Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go, with music, stories, prayer, and laughs. There were some politicians there making political speeches—in which the city was promised not just a [...]

D.C. United Signs On For Two More Seasons At RFK

The AP reports that D.C. United—which has played at RFK Stadium since 1996—just signed a contract to play two more seasons at the aging venue, as it seeks greener pastures down at Buzzard Point. There, developers hope to build out a new neighborhood, the Post noted:
The stadium would have team offices, a club venue and [...]

The Needle: “You Know, The Redskins Suck” Edition

#Fail To The Redskins: The New York Giants won the Super Bowl Sunday night, but most of the D.C. Council seemed to be thinking about a different football team, one that wasn't eligible for the sort of playoff run the Giants made this postseason even though two of their five victories in 2011 came against [...]

The Needle: Lowercase Edition

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs: Important typographical news doesn't tend to break that often, so when it does, it's big. The District, it turns out, is switching up the look of street signs in the city for the first time in decades, bringing the latest highway design thoughts to D.C. Gone are the block capital letters, [...]

The Needle: DeRo Edition

Most Valuable Canadian: Around June 27, D.C. United suddenly began scoring a lot more goals than they had earlier in the season. The reason? That was the day the team traded ineffective midfielder Dax McCarty to New York Red Bull for Dwayne DeRosario, a Canadian international who scored a total of 16 goals this year. [...]

The Needle: Wilson Edition

Stealing Home: Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos is one of the team's up and coming stars. Which may be why Venezuelan gunmen took him from his home near Caracas last night; if you can't ransom a millionaire baseball player for a hefty sum, who can you kidnap? Fortunately, authorities in Venezuela say they believe Ramos [...]

The Needle: Baltimore United Edition

What Will Keep United In D.C.?: Baltimore wasn't playing when it decided to make a bid for D.C. United, which isn't happy, or profitable, playing at RFK. (Fans, meanwhile, aren't happy with the team's inability to make the playoffs.) Major League Soccer has been surveying fans up I-95 about how they'd feel about a soccer [...]

The Needle: Butt Slasher Edition

No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts: Last year's odd criminal on the loose in suburban D.C. retail establishments was the semen sprayer, who approached women in grocery and craft stores near Gaithersburg and, as the name implied, squirted semen on them from a bottle he carried. This year? It's the butt slasher. Police released video of [...]

The Needle: Practice Gambling Edition

Bank Busted: Feeding families who can't afford to keep enough food on their own tables was a difficult job before the economy collapsed. But these days—with more and more people in the region needing to turn to food banks—it's gotten even harder. The Capital Area Food Bank says it'll have to start charging member agencies [...]

Freddy’s Not Dead! Young Geezer Freddy Adu Resurrected in Gold Cup Final

I'm no Andres Cantor, but in my lifetime big-game soccer has rarely lived up to the hype. Coaches and refs tend to tense up and leave championship matches of all sorts to be decided by flukes and penalty kicks.
But Saturday's USA/Mexico matchup for the CONCACAF Gold Cup title, which I caught on over-the-air no-pay channel [...]

The Needle: The Beach Tolls For You Edition

Bridge Loan: As May rolls along toward Memorial Day weekend, visions of the Delaware and Maryland beaches start dancing in District residents' heads—until those visions turn to nightmares of being stuck in traffic on Route 50 for hours and hours. Add to those nightmares this year a new fright: the $5 Bay Bridge toll. Current [...]