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Hundreds of Cab Drivers Show Up for Inaugural Meeting With Teamsters

D.C. cab drivers are pissed about the high costs of city-mandated modernization, so on Tuesday, about 800 of them packed into a union building on Ames Street NE for the first meeting of a new partnership between drivers and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. From the sounds of it, they already had the labor union thing [...]

The Needle: Our LivingSocial Overlords

LivingSocially Transmitted Metro: The long debate over who will pay for late-night Metro service for Nationals fans is over, and a benefactor has been found: daily deals giant LivingSocial. Since LivingSocial recently got a $32.5 million tax break from the District, it's sort of our money anyway, but who's counting? -3
Must Read: Once and future [...]

New Regulations Could Finally Kill Uber in D.C., Says CEO

To hear Travis Kalanick, the CEO of lightning rod electronic private car dispatch company Uber, tell it, launching Uber in another country is less trouble than doing it in Washington. "It's easier to do business in Paris than it is in D.C." Kalanick says. And it could be getting a little harder. According to Kalanick, new [...]

Uber Launches New York Cab App. Is D.C. Next?

The New York Observer reports that luxury sedan service Uber is launching a new app in New York City. Unlike the regular Uber app, though, this would set up customers with presumably cheaper cabs instead of sedans. As is traditional when Uber has a new idea or legal trouble elsewhere, we have to check the [...]

Uber Mentions: Emails Reveal That Uber Fight Turned Everybody Into Dicks

When luxury cab service Uber fought Councilmember Mary Cheh's effort to set a minimum price floor on its trips last month, the company's fans unleashed a wave of emails and phone calls to the D.C. Council. Washingtonians like Proof and Estadio owner Mark Kuller, chef José Andrés' business partner Rob Wilder, and We Love DC [...]

Anti-Cab Feelings Make Taxi-Hating Site Viral

It's only Wednesday, and the Uber leglislation fracas has already roughed up the public image of Washington cab drivers. Now the week's about to get a little worse for the District's taxis:  Witness the increasing popularity on Twitter and Facebook of D.C. Cabs Suck.
The site is a take on the frustrations of hailing a cab [...]