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Judge Rules Against Fired Teachers

The nearly 388 DCPS employees fired in early October will not be rehired anytime soon.
Today, Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff denied a request from the Washington Teachers' Union to reinstate the fired employees, including 266 WTU members, pending the outcome of a lawsuit.
The employees were laid off by DCPS as part of a "reduction in [...]

It’s About Time: D.C. Police Release General Orders In Response To FOIA Fight

In early 2009, the Partnership for Civil Justice filed a lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court in the hopes that the D.C. Police Department would get its act together and comply with a very basic FOIA request. What did the civil rights lawyers want?
They wanted the D.C. Police to cough up their operational procedures and general [...]

Banita Jacks: Convicted of Murder

Describing the case as "one of the most challenging I've had in almost 32 years as a judge," Frederick H. Weisberg announced Wednesday his much-awaited verdict in the Banita Jacks murder trial: guilty.
The D.C. Superior Court judge convicted Jacks on 11 of the 12 counts she faced: four counts of felony murder, four of cruelty [...]

Paul Strauss Wants To Move Past Drunk Driving Arrest

At the end of May, Shadow Senator Paul Strauss suddenly decided to plead guilty to charges stemming from his drunk driving arrest. It was an interesting move considering that he had long fought the charges, even delaying his proceedings in D.C. Superior Court so he could hunt down an expert witness. The incident had proven [...]

James Von Brunn: Big On New Media, Scary As A Roommate

Today, the Washington Post reported that the arraignment for alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James Wenneker Von Brunn has been postponed. The reason for the delay was obvious: Von Brunn remains hospitalized trying to recover from being shot in the face. But the court documents—obtained by City Desk and everyone else—still provide a few details concerning [...]

Shadow Senator Paul Strauss Pleads Guilty To DUI

Last Friday, Paul Strauss entered a guilty plea to his DUI charge in D.C. Superior Court. The guilty plea amounts to a swift change in tactics–some might suggest an erratic change—for the shadow senator. Strauss had maintained his innocence ever since his arrest on October 1, 2008. At a previous court hearing, his attorney successfully [...]

Joseph Randolph Mays: ‘I Told Them To Stop Fucking With Me’

Yesterday, Joseph Randolph Mays was arraigned on homicide charges for allegedly murdering his girlfriend Erika Peters and her two young sons in their Carver Terrace apartment on Saturday. In filings before the court, the D.C. police wrote a narrative of what transpired on that Saturday afternoon. It is the first detailed account of the triple [...]

You Are Ordered To Stay Away

Arraignment court—in C10 of D.C. Superior Court—is starting to feel a little predictable. A man gets called. Sometimes he's in shackles. Sometimes not. He steps forward. He places his hands behind his back. The man is read his charges (drugs, stolen auto, fugitive warrant). He is then told to stay away from somewhere in the [...]

What A Drug Sentence Looks Like

Just before 3 p.m., Judge Harold Cushenberry Jr. sentences Dante Dickens. The judge had found him guilty of the PCP charge (aka holding a dipper while asleep at the wheel of an idling car on Alabama Avenue). Before the judge could issue his penalty, he had to hear from the prosecutor and defense attorney.
The prosecutor [...]

The Dipper Man Faces The Judge

The Dipper Man has nodded off. Dante Dickens is sitting outside Courtroom 321. His belly is full of Burger King. His eyes are closed. His shiny head tilts off to the left against his jacket color. He is wearing his work boots, dark blue work pants, and a work shirt with his name sewn on [...]

‘I Was Beat Up’

At 1: 30 p.m., "Lockup Number 10" is called. A thin, almost frail woman steps before the arraignment court judge in Courtroom C10 of D.C. Superior Court. The woman had spent the night in jail with a pitstop at a local hospital. She had been charged with simple assault.
Within seconds, her case is no papered.
"This [...]

Sweating Out A Simple Drug Case

It is 12:30 p.m. and Officer Harris is sitting outside the courtroom with a fellow cop. Harris is reading an Examiner. The other cop is tearing through James Patterson's Violets Are Blue. Both just testified in the case of the dipper man who fell asleep at the wheel. But there's been one snag.
A prosecution witness—the [...]

Black Jesus And Ice Cream Cones

Sitting behind the defense table are a pair of brothers, Gerald and Richard Arnold. Richard is in braids. Gerald is in a light blue shirt that's too big for his frame. They look bored. Almost sleepy. They came into courtroom 320 clutching legal file folders. But the proceedings are slow and tedious. A juror is [...]

Lost In An Elevator

For a big part of the morning, one woman rides up and down the elevators in D.C. Superior Court. Sometimes she's careful to plot her course, pacing the banks of elevators before choosing the right one. She will look up and consider the various floors, the various possibilities. Other times, she just darts inside.
The woman [...]

A Cop, A Dipper, And Courtroom 321

Officer Harris takes the escalator up to the third floor inside D.C. Superior Court. He then does what all officers must do every morning in the courthouse: check in on his case. He walks over to courtroom 321 and scans the printout case list taped to the door. His case is there.
It's almost 9 a.m. [...]