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Did Marion Barry Compare Michelle Rhee to Saddam Hussein?

LL was doing some multitasking on Monday evening, listening to a D.C. Public Schools oversight hearing with one ear while finishing up some other work. Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, on the dais that night, started into one of his usual tirades about Chancellor Michelle Rhee, and LL's ears perked up when he started on [...]

Michelle Obama to Address Anacostia HS Grads

Fresh from the White House press office:
On June 11th, Mrs. Obama will address the Anacostia Senior High School Commencement, a DC public school that Mrs. Obama visited in the spring of 2009 in conjunction with her Women of Excellence event and her early mentoring activities as First Lady.
Last year, FLOTUS spoke at the commencement for [...]

Rhee’s Magazine Comments Draw Lawsuit

If the PR and political fallout from Chancellor Michelle Rhee's inflammatory comments to Fast Company magazine weren't distracting enough, turns out there's some legal ramifications as well: City lawyers will now have to expend time and money swatting away a lawsuit.
Ronnie Jones, one of the 229 teachers laid off in last September's "reduction in force," [...]

DCPS Announces Snow Make-Up Days

The D.C. Public Schools have decided how students will make up the four-and-a-half days in the classroom they lost due to Snowpocalypse 2010.
As LL noted earlier this month, students will be expected on June 21 and 22—the built-in make-up days scheduled for the Monday and Tuesday after school was originally slated to end. In addition: [...]

DCPS: Two Make-Up Days Set, Perhaps More

With this afternoon's announcement that school is canceled for tomorrow, the D.C. Public Schools will have lost four instructional days by the time they're expected to open on Tuesday. (Friday was already scheduled as a teacher-training day.)
You know what that means: Make-up days!
Spokesperson Jennifer Calloway says two make-up days have already been "built in" to [...]

Michelle Rhee: “I’m Warm and Fuzzy”

Things that are warm and fuzzy:

"I'm warm and fuzzy when it comes to some things: kids, and I do these listening sessions with teachers," DCPS Chancellor Michelle Rhee tells WAMU. "And teachers often come up to me and say, 'you are so much nicer than I thought. I like you! And I thought I was [...]

Fenty Wants Parents to Use DCPS Enrollment Process He Didn’t Use

The D.C. Public Schools announced today that the annual out-of-boundary lottery process has begun, whereby parents can apply to take their kids out of their low-performing neighborhood school and, through a lottery process, put them in better-performing schools, many of which are west of Rock Creek Park.
That, of course, is what Mayor Adrian M. Fenty [...]

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WTU President: Teacher Sex Misconduct Charges ‘Not Substantiated’

A top union official isn't satisfied with Michelle Rhee's explanations thus far of her controversial comments to Fast Company magazine.
Yesterday, Rhee explained that when she described "teachers...who had had sex with children," she referred to a teacher that was being investigated for sexual misconduct at the time of the layoffs. But George Parker, president of [...]

Michelle Rhee Explains Fast Company Quote

D.C. Public Schools chief Michelle Rhee has responded to calls that she explain her comment that a laid-off teacher "had had sex with children." The response came in the form of a letter to several councilmembers [PDF] who had expressed concern about the statement to a business magazine.
The letter followed informal explanations provided to WRC-TV [...]

Why Michelle Rhee Needs to Explain Her ‘Sex With Children’ Claim

Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee's found herself in a tough spot of late over comments she gave to a business magazine. "I got rid of teachers who had hit children, who had had sex with children, who had missed 78 days of school," she told Fast Company's Jeff Chu.
That "sex with children" line has dropped jaws [...]

Rhee Wedding Date: Proof She’s a Goner?

The Reliable Source reports this morning that Chancellor Michelle Rhee will be marrying Kevin Johnson on Sept. 4 in a locale to be determined.
Hmm, early September—interesting choice for someone who runs a school system. While the D.C. Public Schools will be open as of Aug. 23, it promises to be quite the juggle to plan [...]

Michelle Rhee Doesn’t Do Vows

Interesting WaPo correction:
A Jan. 2 Metro article on D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee's priorities as she prepared for the fiscal 2011 budget said that she vowed to protect spending on teachers and classroom supplies while cutting $22 million. The article was based on a PowerPoint presentation and comments by Rhee and her aides [...]

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Vincent Gray

"Maybe we ought to just disband this council. Why did we spend hours working on a budget...only for you to second-guess us?"
—D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, Oct. 29

It’s Official: Wilson HS Is Moving to UDC

WaPo's Bill Turque reported earlier this month that students at Wilson Senior High School would have to relocate while the city renovated their historic Tenleytown campus, and that the University of the District of Columbia would be a likely spot for their interlude.
Well, it's now official: Wilson principal Pete Cahall informed parents today in an [...]