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What Will D.C. Lawmakers Do About DCPS’ Food Services Contract?

David Grosso is trying to persuade D.C. lawmakers who have opposed renewing a $32 million food services contract with Chartwells/Thompson Hospitality to withdraw their opposition.

As D.C.’s School Options Improve, Commutes Become More of a Headache

Transportation may not be the number one issue on parents’ minds as they make their choices, but perhaps it should be.

District Line Daily: Snow Day Conservation

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D.C. schools have run out of snow days. DCPS allocated just one snow day for [...]

D.C. Students Improve More on Math, Reading than National Average

If the Nation's Report Card is an apt indicator of student progress, then the District's public school students are improving at a higher rate than their national counterparts, though their achievement still lags behind the national average.
The results of the National Assessment of Education Progress, often referred to as the Nation's Report Card, were released [...]

Five Schools Spared in DCPS School Closing List

Big congrats to the parents and students at Garrison Elementary, Malcolm X Elementary, Johnson Middle School, Smothers Elementary School, and Francis-Stevens Educational Campus: your schools are safe. But while those five schools made it off DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson's school closure list today, the following thirteen schools, set to close at the end of this [...]

The Needle: Go to School Edition

College For All—Or Else: For better or worse, a college degree is becoming an essential credential if you want to get the kind of job that can provide a middle class standard of living (before it's eventually outsourced somewhere else and/or your employer goes out of business). So when D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" [...]

Giver Beware: If You’re Doing Pro Bono Work for the District, Don’t Sign Any Checks

It seemed like a simple enough plan for the venerable public relations firm Ogilvy: Design a few ads for the D.C. Public Schools' new teacher recruitment initiative, place them in local media markets, get good corporate karma for doing the work pro bono, and bill the District for any expenses incurred.
Except if they don't reimburse [...]

Today in D.C. History: School Cafeteria ‘Unfit for Human Habitation’ Closes

On April 8, 1994, D.C. officials shuttered the cafeteria at Garnet-Patterson Middle School, declaring the dining hall "unfit for human habitation."
Complaints over the school's physical condition had begun a month earlier, when Darren Jones, then president of the Pleasant Plains Civic Association, had filed complaints about the building's upkeep after he toured the facility the [...]

The Needle: Money for Nothing Edition

We Need Some Money: Turns out having large numbers of people out of work is bad for municipal finances. (Who would have guessed?) District officials say sales and income taxes will bring in about $100 million less than expected. On top of that, D.C. Public Schools spent $25 million more than budgeted, and Congress cut [...]

Our Morning Roundup: You Don’t Have to Sell Hot Dogs Edition

Good morning, Washington. Looks like there'll be no rest for the sweaty today, with forecasters saying this could be the hottest day of the year thus far and predicting temperatures in the triple digit range. The recent heat hasn't been kind to local train systems, which have been experiencing a number of heat-related delays.
The D.C. [...]

D.C. Teachers ‘Livid’ About Union Election Debacle

The end is near for George Parker’s term as Washington Teachers’ Union President – but he doesn’t seem to think so. The WTU Elections Committee has accused Parker of withholding documents that would allow the committee to conduct new elections. These documents include nominating petitions, union membership lists, and union dues reports. Under the WTU’s [...]

Parker to Teachers: Layoffs and Raises Are ‘Distinct Issues’

Washington Teachers' Union President George Parker is urging union members to treat last year's teacher layoff and a breakthrough contract proposal as "distinct issues" after the budgeting revelations earlier this month.
In a letter being sent to WTU members, Parker writes that while he was "surprised and angered" by Chancellor Michelle Rhee's recent claim of a [...]

Gandhi Tells Rhee That $34M Surplus ‘Does Not Exist’

Yet another 180-degree twist in the teacher contract saga.
Two days after Chancellor Michelle Rhee told D.C. Council members that she would pay for a groundbreaking teacher contract, in part, with $34 million in surplus funds, Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi today posted a letter to Rhee telling her there is in fact no such [...]

DCPS Surplus Revelation Threatens to Blow Up Teacher Contract Deal

A week after a new D.C. Public Schools teacher contract proposal was rolled out with great fanfare, fiscal revelations aired today leave its ultimate implementation very much in doubt.
Chancellor Michelle Rhee and Washington Teachers' Union head George Parker appeared at a D.C. Council administrative meeting earlier today to brief councilmembers on the agreement. [...]

Major Fire at Eastern High School

Smoke billowed this afternoon from the roof of Eastern Senior High School, which is nearing the end of a $76 million renovation.
According to D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services, firefighters responded to reports of heavy black smoke coming from the building's roof shortly before 4:30 p.m. By 4:45, a second alarm had been [...]