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MPD Cop Would Have Handled Wheelchair Arrest Differently

DCist pointed to a disturbing video this weekend: A man in a wheelchair was tackled out of it by Metro Transit cops and arrested. The incident, which happened in broad daylight outside the U Street/Cardozo station on the Green and Yellow lines, attracted jeers and protests from bystanders and left the man bleeding. Metro responded [...]

MPD Won’t Release Sexual Assault Report

Earlier this year, there were some questions regarding the Metropolitan Police Department's 2010 crime stats. While MPD said the District had experienced an 11 percent spike in sexual assaults for the year, others said the percentage was closer to 50.
A December MPD crime report obtained by City Desk showed a 46 [...]

Three Shootings Linked

News 4 says it's all connected: A non-fatal August shooting, the robbery and fatal shooting hours later of of Catholic University student Neil Godleski, and the killing of 16-year-old Prince Okorie last month in Petworth.
Sources told News 4 last week that "friends" of 20-year-old Eric Foreman, who's been arrested for allegedly shooting Godleski, suspected Okorie had "snitched" [...]

Georgetown Pot Charge Goes Bust

Backyard pot-growers will be happy to know that CBS reporter Howard Arenstein and his wife Orly Katz might never see the inside of a prison cell—they're no longer facing charges.
The couple were busted for possession with intent to distribute marijuana. That was due in part to the 11 hulking pot plants sprawling [...]

In the Wake of the DC9 Incident, Where’s Ali Mohammed’s Autopsy Report?

If you're anticipating the D.C. Medical Examiner cracking the mystery of what happened to Ali Ahmed Mohammed, be prepared for the possibility of an excruciating wait.
It might just take until December for the city office to tell us how Mohammed met his end on October 15. The 27-year-old died sometime after [...]

Gang Panic! Rumors Fly at Catholic University

Apparently some Catholic University of America (CUA) students have been barricading their doors in preparation for an invasion this Halloween weekend. Rumors have been circulating that blood-thirsty gang MS-13 will be marauding the campus soon, looking to assault co-eds as part of a depraved initiation rite!
But according to an e-mail sent out [...]

Defense Plans To Call Tattoo Expert in Levy Trial

As the Chandra Levy trial rolls on, the proceedings will eventually dwell on a creepy theory: Authorities believe murder suspect Ingmar Guandique has a portrait of his victim tattooed on his chest. H Street tattoo artist Paul Roe may be setting them straight.
In 2008, D.C. cops checked out Guandique in a California prison, [...]

CBS Reporter Turned Marijuana Grower May Not Have Been Dealing

When news hit that D.C. cops busted a CBS reporter for dealing pot, we thought the journo might be the hook-up for federal Washington's political and media elite. But a source familiar with Howard Arenstein's side of the case tells City Desk the 60-year-old Georgetown resident isn't Jason Chaffetz's weed connect after [...]

Coolest CBS Reporter Ever: Check Out My Pot Plants

It's hard for a talented gardener not to brag, and that might have gotten CBS reporter Howard Arenstein in a lot of trouble. A police source claims cops would have never come upon the radio reporter's enormous backyard pot plants if the suspect's ego hadn't swelled along with his crop.
After receiving a [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Great Escape Edition!

G'day,citizens. Daschle's out; so's Kwame Kilpatrick, but in a different way. Let's get to the links.
*D.C. Police are still on the lookout for Corey Harrison, the slippery fellow who went AWOL on his child support and then, once in custody, escaped from the United Medical Center in the 1300 block of Southern Ave. [...]

Recent D.C. Bank Robberies Highlight Perils of Fake Beard-Based Disguises

Wearing a fake beard while robbing a bank: inadvisable.
Wearing a fake beard while robbing the same bank twice: priceless.
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