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Just an Average Evening at D.C.’s Actual Last Video Rental Store

Chevy Chase's Potomac Video is shutting down, and the eulogies have had an extra touch of cultural dejection. Last week, DCist published a nice read chronicling the "final days at D.C.'s last video rental store," while just yesterday, the Washington Post ran a long piece on Potomac Video under the headline, "After 33 years, Washington's last video [...]

District Line Daily: Low Riders

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Metro has lost a couple of million dollars during the government shutdown because of fewer commuters [...]

Congrats on Winning the Lottery! Too Bad You Can’t Cash in Until After the Shutdown

Not even the luckiest among us will be spared the wrath of the government shutdown.
The D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board announced Friday that, effective Saturday, no winning D.C. lottery tickets can be cashed in until after the government shutdown ends, because the District's funds aren't available until Congress appropriates them to us. (The [...]

The Needle: Millions and Millions Edition

We Can Still Vote: Today marks the 51st anniversary of the official ratification of the 23rd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave the District three electoral votes and the right to cast ballots for president. Of course, we're still waiting on the right to cast ballots for any other meaningful federal office. Worth noting: [...]

The Needle: Who You Calling Chicken? Edition

When Is A Truck Not Just A Truck?: When it's run by Chick-fil-A. The Southern fried chicken company with a cult following and a legacy of opposing gay marriage and catering to evangelical Christians plans to start up a mobile poultry operation here in D.C. That gave both people who love its chicken and people [...]

The Needle: Practice Gambling Edition

Bank Busted: Feeding families who can't afford to keep enough food on their own tables was a difficult job before the economy collapsed. But these days—with more and more people in the region needing to turn to food banks—it's gotten even harder. The Capital Area Food Bank says it'll have to start charging member agencies [...]

The Needle: The Beach Tolls For You Edition

Bridge Loan: As May rolls along toward Memorial Day weekend, visions of the Delaware and Maryland beaches start dancing in District residents' heads—until those visions turn to nightmares of being stuck in traffic on Route 50 for hours and hours. Add to those nightmares this year a new fright: the $5 Bay Bridge toll. Current [...]

The Needle: Congress Strikes Back Edition

Who Needs a Vote?: The Tea Party's rallying cry all of last year was, "No taxation without representation!" So it's somewhat mysterious that among the first moves the Tea Party-powered Republican House did today was to strip D.C. of the mostly symbolic representation we get for our tax dollars, voting down a resolution by Del. [...]

The Needle: Dollar and a Dream Edition

No Taxation Without Taxation Without Representation: Tired of watching the District get shoved around by the feds? Just this once, savor the usual order of things being reversed. The IRS announced today that federal income taxes will be due on Monday, April 18, instead of Friday, April 15, because April 15 is Emancipation Day, a [...]

The Needle: Potomac Poker Edition

So Long, and Thanks for All the Bike Lanes: It was revolving door day at the Wilson Building. DDOT Director Gabe Klein, a favorite of the smart growth set, departed in the morning, along with DCRA ; by the afternoon, the big news was the appointment of Allen Lew as city administrator and Gerri Mason [...]

New D.C. Lottery Bids: Woodson, Wiggins, Green Emerge as Local Partners

The new bids on the long controversial D.C. Lottery contract were due today at 2 p.m.; this is what LL has thus far been able to suss out.
Rhode Island-based GTECH, which ditched longtime partner Leonard Manning in May, has found a bevy of local partners with appeal across the local political spectrum. Long story short, [...]

D.C. Lottery Update: CAGE Is Out; Who’s With GTECH?

Two weeks from today, bids are due on the D.C. Lottery contract.
But who will step up?
The big question is: Which local business types will each of the three major global lottery equipment providers tap for a partnership? Tapping locals earns each company points in the procurement process and also helps grease the political skids.
Last month, [...]

GTECH Splits With Longtime D.C. Lottery Partner

The parties behind Lottery Technology Enterprises, the firm that’s run the District’s lottery for more than 25 years, have split up, likely ending the chances for politically connected businessman P. Leonard Manning to continue his control over the city’s numbers games.
According to three sources with knowledge of the situation, lottery provider GTECH and Manning’s New [...]

$144M Powerball Jackpot Claimed

That's what the Washington Post is reporting!
But we may never know who's claiming it, though we do know it's a couple:
An attorney finally got in touch with the lottery office this week to claim the winnings on behalf of his clients. Hernandez said the money will be handed over at 11 a.m. on Monday, but [...]

W2I Protests New Lottery Contract Solicitation

Just in case you were wondering, this lottery contract business isn't going to get resolved anytime soon.
W2I, originally awarded the contract last year, has filed a protest to the rebid on the contract issued earlier this month. The upshot: The protest holds that a recent rebid should be halted, but for the time being, it [...]