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Without the Divas, Would D.C. Ever Host a Playoff Football Game?

Not all this area's football players are locked out.
Players on the Washington Redskins, a team that (Awesome Trivia™ alert!) hasn't hosted a playoff game in this century, have been forced to get together at some mysterious high schools in parts unknown (the practice write-ups never get more specific than "Northern Virginia") throughout the spring just [...]

Slavery in Our Own Backyard: The Omilara Aribisala Story

For this week's Cheap Seats I wrote about Omilara Aribisala of the D.C. Divas. Her story is unlike any I've ever encountered in my years of typing.
I'd never talked to a former slave before.
In 1986, Aribisala was brought to America from her native Nigeria as a 12 year old. She spent the next eight years [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Charlie Weis? No! Marty Schottenheimer? Yes!

This holiday season has given me a new favorite TV commercial: the one for Fun Slides.
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
That's a pair of slippery plastic pieces you strap to the bottom of your shoes like skates and slide around the house in. The spots for these carpet skates [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Redskins PR Machine Spreads the Word: Dan Snyder Doesn’t Have a ‘Dark Heart’!

In case you missed it: For the brings-home-96-to-98-percent-of-the-bacon-but-is-nevertheless-shunned print edition this week, I wrote about Will Dunham, an Arlington resident who has been hosting "Inside the Squared Circle" (ITSC), a weekly program on pro wrestling for 20 years. Dunham has had his pro bono pro wrestling program longer than Jay Leno had "The Tonight Show" [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: It’s 9/11! Did You Pay $23.99 Plus Shipping for Dan Snyder’s Commemorative Hat?

Great Moments in Capitalism™, Special 9/11 Edition
On this date in 2005: Get your Tragedy Hats!
None of the Redskins marketing endeavors under Dan Snyder dropped the jaw faster than the "Redskins Flag Hat" that went on sale on the team's web site and at FedExField at the beginning of the 2005 season.
For $23.99 plus shipping where [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Who’ll Let the Dog In?

Michael Vick was "conditionally reinstated" by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday. So the Vick-to-Redskins barkers got louder.
I know from dumbass arguments, and here's one of the dumbassiest on why Vick could fit in here as training camp opens this week:  Signing the free agent, says the Sporting News, "would give Vick an opportunity to play [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Divas Fall in the Forest…

In the end, our DC Divas were only bridesmaids.
In Saturday's IWFL Sup-Her Bowl in Austin, Texas, the Kansas City Tribe beat DC, 21-18, to win the women's tackle football national title, 21-18.
The Divas end the season at 10-1.
The sunset of Rachelle Pecovsky-Bentley's career wasn't as rapturous as it could have been. Pecovsky-Bentley, a 10th-year running [...]

Last Minute Invitation: Divas Fundraiser/Send-Off Tonight in Adams Morgan

Someday, the top-ranked women's football team in the land won't have to beg for cash to travel to the Sup-Her Bowl.
It ain't someday yet. So the DC Divas will hold a fundraiser tonight to help pay the tab for next weekend's trip to Austin, Texas, for the IWFL Championship.
Meet and greet players and coaches from [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Women’s Football Rocked By First Rankings Brouhaha! DC Divas Screwed by Computer!

The BCS's got nothing on women's football. Look what happened to the DC Divas.
The Divas kept their season going with a 27-17 win over the Pittsburgh Passion in the first round of the IWFL playoffs on Saturday at the PG Sports and Learning Complex. The Divas went into the game as the top-ranked team in [...]

Last-Minute Invite: DC Divas Open Postseason Tonight

The road to the Sup-Her Bowl runs through Landover: The undefeated DC Divas host the Pittsburgh Passion in the first round of the IWFL playoffs. Kickoff is at 7 p.m. at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex.
The Divas, the top-ranked women's football squad in the land, beat the visiting Passion, 27-7, in a [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Acta Alive? Feinstein Rips Dibble Another New One to Replace the Old New One? Vestige of the Turner/Shuler/Frerotte Era Quits?

Did John Feinstein save Manny Acta's job?
I think so. While buzzards circled over Acta yesterday, Feinstein, continuing the Washington Post's If You Get It You Don't Get It strategy of alienating all subscribers, wrote a web-only feature that included about the only defenses of the Nats' Dead Manager Walking to appear in the MSM.

Cheap Seats Daily: Another Bad Day for Nats, Another ‘Great Day’ for Skins

Sounds like Rob Dibble has already seen enough.
Dibble, the Nationals color commentator, spoke for every fan yesterday. He went off when second baseman Anderson Hernandez jumped out of the way of a fine throw from pitcher Jesus Colome on a routine sacrifice attempt in the eighth inning and the Nats up a run over Philly.
Hernandez's [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Third Time’s Not Charmed for the Caps

Awesome Capitals trivia from play-by-play man Steve Kolbe: After last night's OT loss in Pittsburgh, Kolbe related that the Caps have never won a Game Three in any best-of-seven playoff series. The team's been around 35 years! How's that possible? (Apparently it's NOT possible!)
Awesome Capitals trivia about play-by-play man Steve Kolbe: The franchise has had [...]