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Whitman-Walker Health to Hold World AIDS Day Candlelight Vigil Tonight

HIV diagnoses are trending down in D.C.

Study: D.C. Needle Exchange Dropped HIV Transmission Rates

“Needle exchanges are tremendous for marginalized populations who don’t have access to health care."

D.C. Collecting Urine Samples From Suspected Synthetic Drug Users Under New Regulations

New regulations require D.C. hospitals to collect urine samples from patients with signs of synthetic-drug overdose after they’ve come to the emergency room.

District Ranks Among Worst (Best?) U.S. Cities for Roaches and Rats


NoMa Harris Teeter License Suspended After Live Mouse Found In Storage Container

With rodents, comes rodent poop.

Study: Half of D.C. Residents Say They’ve Learned More About HIV Through City Prevention Campaigns

Twenty seven percent of adults say they got tested for HIV because of the campaign.

Report: D.C. HIV and AIDS Cases Decline in 2012

The number of new HIV cases in the District continues to decline while the number of people with HIV are living longer, according to a new D.C. Department of Health report, which looks at the state of HIV and other diseases considered to be epidemics in the District in 2012. At a press conference today, Mayor Vince Gray hailed [...]

The Washington Post Cafeteria Has Reopened

Posties can finally exhale: The cafeteria at the Washington Post is open for business again. The eatery was temporarily shuttered after a D.C. Department of Health inspection on May 5 found that it had violated numerous health code provisions. (Among the grosser transgressions? Mold growing inside a refrigerator and rodent droppings on a panini press.)
A staff-wide email this morning [...]

D.C. HIV/AIDS Rate Still At Epidemic Levels

A new D.C. Department of Health report out this week found the number of new HIV/AIDS cases reported in the District has fallen by half, the second straight year in which there were fewer new HIV/AIDS diagnoses than the year before. But D.C. still has enough cases of the disease to qualify as an epidemic [...]

Public Service Reminder: D.C. Has Bedbugs. Do You?

Ack! WTOP does a good job today freaking out people with its tips to avoid bedbugs. New York City seems to be in the midst in an uptick of bedbug paranoia: The blood-sucking critters have found homes at Abercombie & Fitch and Hollister! They not only strike poor hipsters in Brooklyn; the rich on Manhattan's [...]

Hunt for Raccoon Guy Still On

The hunt for a man who stumbled upon a (most likely) oddly-behaving, perhaps even frothing, raccoon in the 1300 block of Shepherd Street NW last week—and carried it around for a while—is still on. The D.C. Department of Health (DOH) is searching for the man because the raccoon had rabies, and the man may be [...]

D.C. Health Department Seeks Man Who Carried Around Rabid Raccoon

The D.C. Department of Health is worried about a man who picked up a raccoon on March 18. The encounter has prompted the distribution of a strangely worded flier, which comes to us via Prince of Petworth.

Rodent-Infested Rhode Island Avenue Safeway Reopens

The Safeway grocery at 514 Rhode Island Ave. NE that was shut down on Wednesday because of an apparent vermin infestation in the delicatessen has reopened. The question is: Are you brave enough to shop there?
The District's Department of Health ordered an immediate closure of the store after a routine inspection showed critical (and noncritical) [...]

Health Department Closed Pools at UDC, Apartment Buildings

Officials at the city's Department of Health finally released the list of the pools its inspectors shut down this year. As a followup to our summer pool coverage, here’s the lowdown: 
The indoor pool at the University of the District of Columbia was closed Mar. 4 “for leaks,” according to DOH spokesperson Dena Iverson. Apparently, water [...]

Get Pumped for the Bed-Bug Summit

The District's Department of Health, doubtless egged on by this Washington City Paper expose on bed bugs, is holding a citywide summit on the scourge. And scourge it is. Anecdotal evidence from around the city suggests that these little critters are on the uprise, on the move from one unit of housing to the next. [...]