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Not Shocking: Vincent Orange To Announce Council Chair Run On Wednesday

NC8 NewsTalk scores one of the least exciting scoops we've heard in ages: Vincent Orange is planning on announcing his run for D.C. Council Chair on Wednesday. The former Ward-5 Councilmember was last seen losing big time in the Dem. primary race for mayor in 2006. He came in third fourth**. Orange is perhaps best [...]

Local Dems Fined $18K for Convention Fundraising Misdeeds

City campaign regulators have had their hands full lately: Not only did the Office of Campaign Finance release its inquiry into Vincent Gray's affairs, but the agency also today issued a final order on the ongoing travails of the D.C. Democratic State Committee.
The local Democratic party organ has been under the OCF spyglass since questions [...]

Cops Search Local Democrat’s Apartment for Gun

Lenwood Johnson's still in hot water with the authorities.
The D.C. Democratic State Committee member who told LL earlier this month that he owned an unregistered handgun was first visited by D.C. police last Saturday, where they performed an informal search. On Friday afternoon, lawmen returned to Johnson's Columbia Heights apartment, this time with a warrant.
Unfortunately [...]

Local Gun-Owning Democrat Visited by Police, Pledges Legal Compliance

Last week, LL brought you the story of Lenwood Johnson, the Columbia Heights resident and D.C. Democratic State Committee member who voted against a voting-rights resolution, and while in the process of explaining why he did so, explained to LL that he keeps an unregistered handgun.
"It's no big deal with me, owning a gun or [...]

Local Democrat Explains Vote Against Voting Rights, Admits Illegal Gun Possession

Last week, the D.C. Democratic State Committee voted in favor of a resolution urging President Barack Obama to mention D.C. voting rights in his upcoming State of the Union address.
Now voting rights is an issue of considerable consensus in this town, particularly among the political class. But not complete consensus, it turns out. One DCDSC [...]

D.C. Democrats’ Convention Funding Broke Rules, Audit Finds

D.C. Democrats improperly raised funds for their trip to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, a city audit has found.
At issue has been the relationship between the state party organization, the D.C. Democratic State Committee, and an organization established last year to raise funds for the Denver convention. Organizers maintained that the two bodies were entirely [...]

D.C. Democrats Not Off the Hook, Say Finance Officials

In recent months, the D.C. Democratic State Committee has come under the disapproving glare of city campaign finance officials. That glare remains trained on the local Democratic umbrella organization.
According to an interim audit report released Monday, the city campaign finance office did not accept explanations offered by DCDSC officials for fundraising irregularities. Audit officials maintain [...]

D.C. Democrats Split Over Finance Questions

A special meeting of the D.C. Democratic State Committee to discuss an ongoing finance investigation degenerated into chaos Wednesday, with members deeply split on how to proceed with the inquiry.
A preliminary report from the Office of Campaign Finance last month concluded that committee finances has been improperly documented and misreported since early 2008, and moreover, [...]

Campaign Finance Hammer Comes Down on Democrats

Not many folks in this town tremble at the prospect of a D.C. Office of Campaign Finance investigation, given its historically light hand when it comes to enforcement. But sometimes trembling is warranted: According to a preliminary report issued earlier this month [PDF], the D.C. Democratic State Committee has got some 'splaining to do.
For one [...]

Ethics Office to Investigate Local Democrats

Last week, LL reported that the city campaign finance office had opened a preliminary inquiry into the D.C. Democratic State Committee.
Wesley Williams, a spokesperson for the office, confirms today that an official investigation has been launched into the committee's finances. Williams was unable to provide details of the probe, but it comes in response to [...]

Ethics Office Reviewing Local Dems’ Finances

The city's Office of Campaign Finance has launched a probe into the affairs of the D.C. Democratic State Committee, including allegations that a "secret account" existed under the DCDSC name.
OCF's general counsel and audit division are looking into charges made by committee members, according to agency spokesperson Wesley Williams. "It's not a full-blown investigation," he [...]