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$15 Minimum Wage Supporters Still Waiting for Green Light

The ballot initiative is popular with likely voters, but it's fate is unclear.

Attorney General’s Office Files Motion to Intervene in Minimum Wage Initiative Case

It could have much broader implications for D.C.

Judge Throws Out Minimum Wage Initiative, Casts Doubt on Past D.C. Elections

Approval of ballot initiative language by the D.C. Board of Elections was invalid due to its members’ expired term limits, a judge ruled.

Formal Apology Could End Our Long Municipal Upside-Down Flag Nightmare

The D.C. Board of Elections is sorry for everything.

Introducing the D.C. 180 Tourism Campaign!

Are you engaged yet?

ANC Rep Arrested for Attacking Homeless Man Has Picked Up Petitions for Re-Election

Need some incentive to vote for your next Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner? Try this guy.
Police arrested and charged Robert Leo Dwyer, a commissioner on Dupont's Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B, this week for allegedly attacking a homeless man early Monday morning on the 1600 block of 17th Street NW. Dwyer is accused of spraying the homeless man with a household [...]

Noted Without Comment

Big news on Facebook today.

LL Video: Inside Mara HQ

LL shot some video Tuesday night, first at Patrick Mara's campaign HQ, then at Carol Schwartz central, before heading down to the Board of Elections and Ethics for the late-night voting fiasco.
Let's begin with the Mara video, shot early in the evening before results came in. By 8:15 p.m., several dozen had gathered at Mara [...]