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Photo: Daylight Saving Time

Ft. Lincoln Drive NE, March 10

The Needle: Pricey Power

Zapped: Pepco wants to raise rates on D.C. customers. -1
Squeezed: Georgetown's fans say they'll unfurl what they claim is the largest homemade sign in college basketball history in the team's game against Syracuse on Saturday. +3

Daylight Saving Time Should Be Abolished

For nearly 100 years, daylight saving time has been a pox on American sanity. It's time for its long, dumb history to end.
Enough with changing our clocks (car, watch, bedside, kitchen); enough with the cutesy mnemonic devices ("spring forward—or backward?"); and enough with remembering things period ("is it this Saturday?"). Daylight saving time has been [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Fall Back, Spring Ahead, Be More Tired’ Edition

Good morning, City Desk. The bad news is it's raining. The good news is water falling from the sky can't change the fact that it's Friday. It just is!
Your mini-roundup: Mayor Adrian Fenty's been raising a lot of cash. A D.C. inmate escapes, then gets tired. Maryland doesn't want to tax sin. And Times Square [...]