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I Sing of the Census

Last week’s Census report revealed that D.C.’s black population had plummeted—causing observers to declare that Parliament’s D.C.-inspired tune “Chocolate City” is now inaccurate. What should replace it as local musical cliché? A sampling of other songs about Washington is below; list your other suggestions in the comments.
Song: ”Bourgeois Blues”
Artist: Leadbelly
Year: 1938
Relevance: High. The late bluesman wouldn’t feel [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

For Hill scandals this ain't illicit
No diapers, nor photos explicit
A word to the many
Who owe quite the penny
The IRS really does miss it
The pen is your weapon of choice?
Then here is a cause to rejoice
The Mall ain't for jogging
'Cause now you'll be blogging
When WiFi enables your voice
Oh hey, there's a Tuesday election
The District must make [...]