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D.C.’s Trayvon Martin

There has been a bit of talk about Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman and his ties to the area—he grew up in Manassas, and the Post even has a profile of him in today's paper. But while 17-year-old Trayvon—who was unarmed when Zimmerman shot him—never lived nearby, D.C. has had its share of similar cases. [...]

Jared Loughner Story Is A Sad Cliche

Today, the Washington Post chronicled Jared Loughner's journey from IHOP-loving Normal to alleged Killer. The AP wrote its own Loughner bio with shitty poetry. These stories were your typical five-days-since-Tragedy  stockpile of reporting, fast-paced Dateline-esque narrative, and limp attempts at explaining mental illness (From WaPo: "And then Jared Loughner slipped into a world of fantasy [...]

D.C. Police Shoot Suicidal Man

At about 10 a.m. this morning, Seventh District officers and D.C. Fire and EMS personnel responded to the 3300 block of 18th Street SE for the report of a suicide attempt. Officers were unable to gain entry into the apartment. After forcing their way in, an adult male allegedly armed with a knife "lunged toward [...]

Breaking: David Kerstetter’s Family To Sue The District

On Nov. 6, 2008, David Kerstetter was shot and killed inside his home by D.C. police officers. Despite the decision of the U.S. attorney's office not to prosecute the officers involved, Kerstetter's family has filed a notice with the District that it plans to sue the city over their son's death. The family's attorney, Douglas [...]

U.S. Attorney’s Office Declines To Prosecute Cop Shooter In Kerstetter Case

The U.S. Attorney's Office has declined to prosecute Officer Frederick Friday for the shooting death of David Kerstetter in early November of last year. Friday had shot and killed Kerstetter in the Logan Circle resident's bathroom entrance. Friday, and his partner Officer Christian Glynn, had responded to the home after a report of an open [...]

Obvious Blog Post: D.C. Police Suck At FOIAs

The other day Carl Kerstetter sent me the above picture of his son David with his medals from his military service which included a tour of duty during the first Gulf War. The picture shows what David was before his mental-illness reared up and took over much of his life. On November 6, he was [...]

D.C. Police Stonewalls Mendo On Police Shootings

Last Monday, At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson held one of his Judiciary Committee's oversight hearings on the D.C. Police Department. For the most part, the hearing was routine: right down to the councilmember asking for the investigative materials related to the DeOnte Rawlings shootings. By Mendo's own count, he has asked for the Rawlings report at [...]

Kerstetter’s Parents Disappointed in Lanier

A few days ago, I called David Kerstetter's parents in Arizona. I wanted to know what they thought about the D.C. Police Department's sudden change in policy in how it handles mentally-ill residents. Their son had been suffering from mental-illness and was shot and killed by a police officer on Nov. 6 inside his home. [...]

D.C. Police to Change Handling of Mental Illness Cases

D.C. police have decided to overhaul how it responds to mentally ill residents in crisis and police brass have requested training assistance from the Department of Mental Health, says DMH director Stephen T. Baron.
The decision follows two police-shooting deaths in recent months involving mentally ill victims. In November, police shot and killed David Kerstetter in [...]

Simon Says Name The Cops Involved In Shootings. We Agree.

On Sunday, David Simon published an op-ed in the Post railing against the Baltimore Police Department's recent refusal to release the names of cops involved in shootings. (He also pissed on the press—MSM and "citizen bloggers"—for not challenging the department on its no-names policy.
Simon writes:

Remembering David Kerstetter

During last week's oversight hearing on the Department of Mental Health, there was an opportunity for Councilmember David Catania to fire up his inner prosecutor and start asking some tough questions about what happened on the morning of Nov. 6.
On that morning, two police officers responded to David Kerstetter's Logan Circle home. The two cops [...]

Two Shootings. Two Deaths. Two cops. Two Mentally Ill Residents

In early November, D.C. police entered David Kerstetter's Logan Circle home and shot and killed him. Police say Mr. Kerstetter had a knife, that there was a struggle. The crime scene shows no evidence of a struggle. On January 26, Osman Abdullahi was shot and killed by D.C. police after they entered his unlicensed group [...]

Another Police Shooting Of A Mentally-Ill Man

This time at 16th and Kalorama. Here's the D.C. Police Department press release:
"At approximately 11:50 a.m., on Tuesday, January 27, 2009, an off-duty Metropolitan Police Department detective reportedly exited his vehicle in the area of the 1600 block of Kalorama Road, NW and was attacked by an apparently deranged man unknown to him. The detective [...]

More Details On The Police Shooting @ 7th Street NE

Earlier today, we wrote about the police shooting that took place this morning at 830 7th Street NE. According to news accounts and police statements, D.C. cops were called to the address for a domestic dispute or assault. When they arrived they found a stabbing victim and the alleged perp. The suspect allegedly charged at [...]

Police Involved Shooting @ 7th Street NE

This morning D.C. Police were involved in a shooting at a group home on 7th Street NE (Post has it at 7th Street NW and they are wrong). According to WJLA, police say they responded to a call for a domestic incident at the group home. When they arrived, police were allegedly attacked by a [...]