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New House Oversight Committee Chair Wanted D.C. to Be Part of Maryland

The committee oversees local D.C. affairs.

The Needle: Mow Power to Him

American Hero: A random man was spotted mowing the lawn outside the Lincoln Memorial, doing what the federal government can't during the shutdown. Unfortunately, Park Police stopped him before he could finish. +5 
Imma Let You Finish : Mayor Vince Gray crashed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's press conference today to try and get Congress to [...]

Post Tries To Avoid Drama With Romney Story, Gets Drama Anyway

From the annals of bad decision making that will eventually come back and bite you in the ass: On Thursday, the Washington Post decided not to run its Mitt-Romney-the-bully story in the print edition of the paper because it was also running a story about President Barack Obama's "evolution" on gay marriage on A1, plus an [...]

National Press Club Gets Between Press and Herman Cain

Who wouldn't sing to the scores of reporters clinging to your every word? Not GOP front runner Herman Cain, that's who! Cain ended a speech this afternoon at the National Press Club with a beautiful rendition of "He Looked Beyond My Fault."
Even more interesting than that, however, is what journalists on the scene say happened [...]

Washington Post: David Weigel’s Comments Aren’t Cool—But Praying For A Source Is OK

By now, we all know the Washington Post pushed out David Weigel late last week. Weigel had worked at the paper as a blogger covering conservatives. He took the job seriously. He never took cheap shots at the Tea Party, the Birthers, or John McCain's latest lapse into un-mavericky GOP dogma. He worked damn hard explaining [...]

Our Morning Roundup: No Prison for Child Porn

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to the running-like-a-scalded-dog edition of Freedom Friday! Last night, yours truly cabbed his sweaty, sushi-filled gut to Source for the initial performance of the Capital Fringe Festival's Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting. What a show! It may have changed my perspective on a lot of things, porn included. [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Kausfiles Runs JournoList Leak

JournoList, the top-secret liberals-only Google listserve that the America Prospect's Ezra Klein started in 2007, has made its way into the wide world, courtesy of the irreverant Mickey Kaus. The list has drawn conservative's ire since Politico reported its existence earlier this month. NRO's Mark Hemingway threw a fit and fell in it, asking "if [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The GeoPet Proposal

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to another installment of Freedom Friday. Before we get started, I'd like to throw something out there: GeoPet. Can y'all feel that contraction bustle off your palate, like so many Metro riders leaving the Georgia Avenue-Petworth station? I can. Petworth needs this, folks. Why should AdMo, CoHi, and [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Washington Times “Owns” Chas Freeman Story

Good morning, City Desk readers. The one and only Ted Scheinman is chilling in the tropics this week, and yours truly has been tasked with turning regular Wednesday roundup into WTF?! Wednesday roundup. How about this weather, huh? Huh? The boss (as in, my boss) knows what I'm talking about. News and commentary about Phish, [...]

Dave Weigel Leaves Reason Magazine

I heard early in November–and then confirmed–that Dave Weigel was leaving Reason, but for reasons you'll see in my huge disclaimer, I respected Weigel's request that I keep it on the DL until he announced it himself. From his blog: