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Georgia Grads Hottest in D.C., Says Dating Company

Hinge, the Washington dating app that also does statistics, is out with some new numbers. Hinge previously produced a list of the hottest companies in D.C. Now it's asked which university produces all the hot people that go to work for those companies. The answer: the University of Georgia.
UGA tops Hinge's ranking of the most [...]

Bagel-Centric Dating Site Launches Tomorrow

If it's a weekday, it must be time for a new service finding romantic matches for the city's busy, tech-savvy, and well-heeled. And here we are:
Coffee Meets Bagel caters to the DC audience by breaking the stigma of traditional online dating sites with its fresh, disruptive approach. Unlike traditional dating sites that [...]

Washington Dating Gets Even Snobbier

Have you ever been on a date with someone and discovered their alma mater isn't even ranked in U.S. News + World Report top 80? It's a real reverse panty-dropper, right, ladies?
Fortunately, Alex Furmansky, founder of dating site Sparkology, has a solution for keeping out the riff raff. "Everyone is required to have a college [...]

Washingtonians Are Lying Catfish

Last month, several Pigskins players fell victim to a woman lying about herself online. But they're not the only Washingtonians who've been catfished, according to a study by dating site What's Your Price.
Men in D.C. lie more on their online dating profiles than men in any other U.S. city, according to the pseudo-escort site, which [...]

Dating App Tinder Burning Up D.C. College Students

He is in your ZIP code and thinks you’re hot—what else do you need? It’s not the most serious dating criteria, but then again, Tinder is not the most serious dating app.
Tinder allows users to find matches based solely on geographic proximity and appearance. It's not the first for straight-people clone of gay hook-up app [...]

Washington’s Perfect Man, Revealed

There are many types of men in Washington: successful ones and unsuccessful ones, big ones and little ones. But only a single microniche can be ideal. That perfect Washington man is represented at right, according to new survey data from What's Your Price, a dating site that lets people pay one another for dates (!).
Here's [...]

How to Get Laid at a D.C. Election Party, According to Some Dude

Voting's pretty cool, what with the chance to change the country and all. Even at the local level, there are big decisions to make. But wouldn't it be cooler if it also led to sex?
That's the plan for pseudonymous Washington writer "Brett Hannons," who runs a blog about his sexploits. Hannons has come out with [...]

Reminder: Share Your D.C. Dating Horror Stories!

Once, I went on a date with a Hill staffer who spent 45 minutes trying to argue me into being a Democrat. It was a surreal experience: fancy drinks with the stereotypical transient Washington resident who couldn't name his councilmember, but could repeat—verbatim—the latest wisdom from that morning's Playbook. And maybe I looked like a [...]

Share Your D.C. Dating Horror Stories!

Over on Gawker, New Yorkers are sharing horrific stories of dating men in the financial industry, a sector as rich in self-importance as it is impoverished in actual social skills. Sound familiar, singletons of the District?
Here in the DMV, we know from abhorrent! Send us your prototypical D.C. dating stories—disappointing dalliances with Hill staffers, policy wonks, [...]