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Who’s Got New Jobs at the Post?

You get a new job! You get a new job! You get a new job! That's what Oprah Winfrey might say to reporters on the Washington Post's education desk, where there's all kinds of beat shuffling going on, according to a memo sent out earlier this week.
The biggest news is that a replacement has been [...]

The Needle: Opening Ceremonies

Olympic Anticipation: For those of you who, like the Needle, are waiting for the U.S. broadcast of the Olympics' opening ceremonies, Twitter has become a spoiler minefield. But apparently our British pals have cooked up some weird stuff—Voldemort's involved?—that promise a good Olympics, even if that blind Korean archer has already won gold for best [...]

“Everything Here Is Negotiable”

As of last night, the Washington Post has tightened its policy on the sharing of drafts after one of its reporters, Daniel de Vise, showed a version of a story he was writing to some of its subjects. "Everything here is negotiable," de Vise wrote to a spokesperson at the University of Texas. But that's apparently [...]

Post‘s Brauchli Wants Draft Sharing Policy Tightened

Apparently somebody's still in charge at the Post! While the paper remains silent on whether it lets political campaigns to edit its quotes, Post editor Marcus Brauchli has decided to put a stop to—or at least a leash on—any draft-sharing going on at the paper.
Following a Texas Observer story about how Post education reporter Daniel de Vise shared [...]

Post Reporter Shops Drafts Back to Sources, Possibly Violating Post Policy

Post education reporter Daniel de Vise is in hot water today after a Texas Observer story revealed that he shared unpublished drafts of a story with officials at the University of Texas. Coming after the Post's refusal to say if it allows presidential campaign operatives to edit quotes in the paper, the Texas story only generates [...]