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Dan Zak Is a Nap Deferred: A Digression for Dan Zak, as Summer Rots

Inspired by Washington Post Style writer Dan Zak's consideration of August, a digression on Dan Zak:
Dan Zak is what he isn’t, and he isn’t really anything. He is summer rotting, but not rotten. He is autumn as rumor, not rite. Dan Zak has textures, like damp denim, but not colors, though if he had [...]

Guardian Angels To Protect Black Friday Shoppers

For D.C. residents participating in the shopping excitement of Black Friday, the citizen-justice group Guardian Angels have your back. From the MPD 3rd District list:
Guardian Angels will be handing out safety tips for the Holidays on Black Friday November 25, 2011. We will also be doing escorts from stores to cars and public transportation. We will be [...]

Morning Roundup: Had to Be There Edition

Andrew Beaujon, the managing editor of Washington City Paper, sat at a computer in his Warwick Village rental home on Wednesday night. He was reading about ducklings. Old-house dust, the result of a tussle that evening with some new kitchen cabinets in a 1940s rowhouse he is renovating nearby, ringed his cuticles.
"These 'Had to Be [...]

Morning Roundup: Real Talk Edition

"I love how it's young but at the same time intellectual," he says. "You can walk down the street and you meet 10 different people and everyone has their own cause and purpose." —Mike Manning of The Real World: D.C., quoted in Dan Zak's piece on the show's house.
Isn't it amazing how someone can [...]