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GSA Spending Spree Fallout Has Obama “Apoplectic”

The scandal over spending by the General Services Administration—the federal government's landlord, which controls vast swaths of D.C. office space—has President Barack Obama furious, says David Axelrod, via New York magazine:
[...]President Obama is "apoplectic" over the the ongoing investigation into the General Services Administration's elaborate 2010 conference in Vegas, which has caused something of problem for the administration. Whether [...]

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Clark Ray

"When you get called to the Wilson Building at 7 p.m. on a Sunday, you don't expect a fruit basket."
—Clark Ray, ex-parks-and-rec director, April 21

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Dan Tangherlini

"Optimism without data is really just an emotion."
—City Administrator Dan Tangherlini, Feb. 19

Dan Tangherlini Gone to Treasury Department

Here's a headline: A management-level official in the Fenty administration is leaving his job without getting pushed!
After more than two years as D.C.'s city administrator, Dan Tangherlini is moving across Pershing Park, to a posting at the Treasury Department. There, he will be assistant secretary for management, chief financial officer, and chief performance officer under [...]

District Gets AAA Bond Rating

Not a lot of folks are getting good news from Wall Street these days, but the District got a little something nice today.
The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is announcing this evening that Standard & Poor's, one of three outfits that rate municipal debt, has given the District a "AAA" rating on a recent [...]

Dan Tan Plows Ahead on Numbers

More on City Administrator Dan Tangherlini's budget powwows. Post lunch, the city's top day-to-day manager had three additional rounds of discussions with agency directors on money—first with the Office of Property Management (OPM). "We need to find savings everywhere we can," said Tangherlini to OPM Director Robin-Eve Jasper. "We're doing to look to you for [...]

Dan Tan: Tough Meeting, Then Tuna Casserole

More on the budget discussions of City Administrator Dan Tangherlini. After discussing money and baselines with city contracting managers, Dan Tan got into it with Stephanie Scott, who runs the all-important D.C. Office of the Secretary. Now, that title may suggest that this is some puffy, ceremonial office.
Suggestion incorrect: The Office of the Secretary [...]

Agency Director to Dan Tan: “Hard to Trim the Fat”

More on the budget talks at the Wilson Building: Janis Quintana, director of the Office of Unified Communications, is feeling the budgetary heat from the District's top exex. But the agency is really, really struggling. In addition to handling all manner of 911 calls, her operation has been burdened with handling calls from other agencies, [...]

Budget Season In Full Swing

Late February at the John A. Wilson Building is a tough time to be a spreadsheet. That's because City Administrator Dan Tangherlini and his budget people are crunching the living daylights out of the District's numbers from early in the morning till late at night, trying to get a document that'll pass muster at the [...]