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Metro Hearing From Customers Whether They Like It Or Not

On Monday we noted that the latest customer survey from WMATA really doesn't seem to be interested in actual customer input, based on the lack of space for customers to suggest solutions for the current $116 million budget gap. In the survey, customers are allowed to play with one option: General Manager Richard Sarles' proposal [...]

Curbing Sexual Harassment On Metro Requires An Attitude Adjustment

Toward the end of her testimony before Councilmember Muriel Bowser yesterday, Holly Kearl made a point to note that "sexual harassment is not mutual flirting or compliments."
Kearl, the author of Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women, is an expert who's surveyed more than 800 women in 22 countries on the kind [...]

Maybe $51.9 Million Isn’t That Much Money (In Context)

The Examiner and a few other outlets are reporting that Metro is spending $51.9 million on contractors:
Metro is relying on the consultants for situations in which the transit agency needs "scarce" skills for specific engineering work, analysts to generate independent studies or expertise in crafting contract requests, [Metro spokesman Dan] Stessel said. He said the [...]

Metro Tracks Down Pushy Bus Driver

Metro officials say they've found the Metrobus driver filmed unceremoniously heaving a passenger from his ride. Metro spokesperson Dan Stessel says Metro isn't releasing the allegedly grumpy driver's name, and that there's no word on criminal charges against him. "At this point, this is an administrative process," he says.
Video of the incident surfaced [...]

Dan Stessel, Metro Flack and Blog Killer?

A week ago, Dan Stessel was on an Amtrak train traveling from Newark, N.J., to the District, when he found himself watching a clip of D.C. resident Dwight Harris having an encounter with transit police.
On his way here to assume the role of chief spokesman for Metro, the 35-year-old Stessel watched the now-viral video: Harris, [...]