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Metro To Reimburse Today’s Riders for Week’s Problems

Metro has announced that it will reimburse riders of the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines for the transit fares they were charged between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. today.

The Nats May Not Like Metro Enough to Pay for it, But Their Fans Do

More than 11,000 used Metro to get to each playoff game.

Train in Vain: Which Metro Twitter Grouch Is For You?

There are bad Metro trips, and then there are terrible ones, the kind without air conditioning, working escalators, or accurate travel information. The latter has inspired an entire Twitter subculture devoted to picking apart the transit agency's failings—one that's become so vocal that Metro's Twitter handler actually blocked @FixWMATA, one of its most prolific nags. [...]

D.C. Police, Metro Step Up Security After Boston Explosions

Security is up across today the D.C. area today following the explosions at the Boston Marathon.
The Metropolitan Police Department is operating under "heightened security,"  according to spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump, who declined to say any more about the issue.

Metro Records First Suicide of the Year

The new year is just a week old, but already a person has been killed by a Metro train, according to the transit agency.
A woman at the Ballston Metro Station deliberately put herself in front of an Orange Line train at around 11:29 a.m., Metro announced. She was fatally injured, according to Metro spokesman Dan [...]

New Pictures Prove Metro Bus Driver Was Reading

After Unsuck D.C. Metro published footage yesterday of a Metro driver reading a newspaper while operating a bus, there was speculation, here and elsewhere, that the driver might just have been holding the paper instead of reading it. But now the person who shot the video has emailed me to prove those excuses wrong.
"I'm a [...]

Video: Bus Driver Caught Reading While Driving

Maybe the only thing worst than being vomited on during a Metro bus trip would be having a bus driver who reads a newspaper instead of paying attention to the road. But that's exactly what one Unsuck D.C. metro reader captured on Nov. 26.
In the 25-second video, a Metro bus driver holds a newspaper up [...]

Fighting Anti-Muslim Ads Cost Metro $35K in Attorney Fees

Thanks to Metro, "Anti-jihad" blogger Pamela Geller—or her attorney—is now a little bit richer. The transit agency's ill-fated attempt to delay running ads from Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative group that equated Muslims with savages will cost the agency $35,000 in attorney's fees for AFDI, according to a new email obtained by the Legal Times.
In the [...]

Metro Blames “Holiday” Track Work on Huge Project

Are you like me, stuck in your office despite the fact that today is a federal holiday and has really nice weather besides? If so, you may have experienced Veterans Day Metro service, in which Metro takes advantage of a sort-of day off to run trains at a reduced weekend rate.
Running on a weekend schedule [...]

Mysterious Flyers Mock Metro Repair Deadlines

Anyone who's used Metro for more than a few days has experienced it: the phenomenon of your favorite Metro escalator going down for repairs, with a sign from Metro promising that it'll be running again in a month. A month later, though, it's still just a staircase. Two months later, the same thing. Three months [...]

LivingSocial’s Metro Tab Comes to $0

LivingSocial's marketing department must be feeling pretty clever right now. The daily deals giant scored oodles of goodwill last month after circumventing the dispute over post-Nationals games Metro service by offering to cover the tab itself. Even better for the company, that publicity ended up not costing a penny.
Because of the way the playoff games [...]

Screwed by the Red Line Meltdown? Do This.

Today's power loss on the Red Line temporarily left 1,000 people with no way to exit trains and many more with no way to get to work. Fortunately, if you were stuck in the system during the delays, there's a way to get a refund.
Metro spokesman Dan Stessel writes in an email that customers affected [...]

Metro to Save Best Part About Metro

Is there a better feeling than leaving Metro with a negative balance on your SmarTrip card? It's like you had one too many at the Metro Tavern, don't have enough to cover the bill, and ol' Richard Sarles offers to put it on your tab. "I know you're good for it," he says. "You've got [...]

@WMATA Accepts Beer Offer From Twitter Frenemy

Pity the PR minion behind Metro's Twitter account. Stuck in WMATA HQ, he's deluged daily with Metro problems he's helpless to solve. And it doesn't help that he can, apparently, be kind of a jerk.
That put-upon tweeter—top Metro flack Dan Stessel says it's not him—got a little sympathy last week from one of the many [...]

Computer Problems Big and Small at Metro

Today in seriously?:
Within a 12-hour period over the weekend, all Metro trains had to be halted after a key computer system crashed in Metro's control center.
Controllers couldn't see the moving map of where trains were. It happened shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday for a half hour. Then the problem occurred again early Sunday, from about [...]