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The Michael Wilbon-Dan “Sports Bog” Steinberg Facebook Fight, Dissected

Washington Post Sports Bog blogger Dan Steinberg just can't catch a break from his Post predecessors. First Tony Kornheiser nicknamed him "The Cheese Boy," and now, Kornheiser's Pardon the Interruption co-host Michael Wilbon has all but called him garbage people.
Wilbon's feud with Steinberg has been simmering since Tuesday, when Wilbon called D.C. a crummy sports [...]

I’m Glad Teddy Won, So I Don’t Have to Hear About It Anymore

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Team Teddy's feeling pretty pumped right now.
"CONGRATULATIONS, TEDDY!" tweeted Mayor Vince Gray, a moment after the 26th president's bulbous avatar soared across the finish line. At-Large D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange tweet-bragged about capturing the moment on his iPhone. The Washington Post newsroom clapped and cheered. Ryan Zimmerman was so [...]

In Which Two Washington Post Sportswriters Debate Post Policy, Over Twitter

If you're not following Mike Wise and Dan Steinberg on Twitter, you may have missed their discussion this afternoon of allegations that former Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams paid bounties for his players to hurt opponents. Wise said he had more dirt than that on Williams; said dirt then followed.
Read the exchange here:
Gregg Williams [...]

Dan Snyder Loves, and Subpoenas, the Press

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder says he loves the media. He is, as he wrote in a Washington Post op-ed last month, "the son of a University of Missouri School of Journalism graduate whose professional pedigree includes working at United Press International and National Geographic. I am proud of that legacy from my dad and [...]

Mourning Roundup: George Michael, Not the Singer, Edition

Today Gilbert Arenas could prance through Chinatown wearing nothing but a bandolier and smile, and there would be no one to cover it. For today, every member of the District Sports Media Elite will be at the National Cathedral for the memorial service of George Michael, not the singer.
If you are from D.C. [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Could Car Wash Contest Be Snyder Punishing Redskins Cheerleaders for Promoting Rival WJFK?

Another day, another update on Dan Snyder's Cheerleader Car Wash Sweepstakes. Another chance to run that fab/yucky photo from Snyder's WTEM promotion, the one that's sucked in some of the most brilliant minds in new media to our humble comments section.
Seems Snyder doesn't really care who he jumps in bed with these days. His partner [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will Sherm Lewis Fail? Or Will Sherman Lewis Fail?

Cheap Seats Daily and its inferiority complex ravaged sister publication remain the go-to news organs for coverage of what the Redskins have officially dubbed the Cheerleader Car Wash Sweepstakes.
Yesterday, in this very space, we blew the lid off the latest listener contest for Dan Snyder's sportstalk station, WTEM-AM, in which the Redskins owner promises to [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: How Bad Is Dan Snyder Pimping the Redskins Cheerleaders?

"How would you like to see the Redskins take on the Cowboys? — AND have the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders soap up and scrub down your car???"
Well? How would you like that?
Check out that ad!
It appears on the Web site for WTEM, Dan Snyder's sports talk station, to promote the latest listener contest. Top prize will [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Would Dan Snyder Censor Dan Steinberg’s Photos of Censored Bags?

Out: Book Burning
In: Bag Banning
The Great Dan Steinberg™'s write-up of the ill-will in the grandstands had great photos of the ill-willed.
Well, Steinberg's Bog post had great photos when it was originally posted, anyway.
As several commenters pointed out, those photos of folks with anti-Snyder t-shirts and paperwork are now gone. Just vanished.
Who [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: If You Burn Down Your High School, Can You Show Up at Your High School Reunion?

In case you missed it: The pre-post-racial they-said/they-said-they-didn't situation from last year's Dunbar-Fort Hill football game will lead to a small, mostly ceremonial change in the athletes' Code of Conduct applied to all Maryland public high school sporting events.
The Great Dan Steinberg posts a Great Video of Ryan Zimmerman talking up D.C. United to promote [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Washington Warriors Won’t Ever Play in the AFL?

The Arena Football League ain't ever coming to DC after all.
Sports leagues, like romantic relationships, can't survive taking a break. Last year AFL owners thought they were different, announcing that while they'd be spending the 2009 season apart, they weren't breaking up.
Again: Just need some space. Just taking some time off from each other before [...]

Norman Chad Continues Doing God’s Work

The great Norman Chad rips Clark Kellogg a new one in today's Washington Post.
Or, rather, Chad deplumes Kellogg a previously non-possessed one, as the blowhardy CBS color man would describe the action.
The Kellogg takedown was long overdue. Sure, he seems like a nice, smart guy—but nobody says less in more time. The TV timeouts and [...]

Sarge Cerrato Won’t Live Down His Star Turn, But Redskins and Bad Movies Have a Past

Dan Steinberg posted another clip from "Kindergarten Ninja" today on the Sports Bog.
That's the B-minus movie from 1994 that starred Cerrato as "Sgt. Antonelli," a detective who enlists kids to help him fight drug gangs.
It's amazing viewing.
Fallout from his role in "Kindergarten Ninja" could have legs. Folks over at, Dan Snyder's message board, have [...]

What’s Up With Haywood’s Wrist? And Sports-Injury Journalism

Pal Dan Steinberg has a great post on the D.C. Sports Bog today about trying to pry injury information from Wizards Center Brendan Haywood. The Bog provides a transcript of some TV reporter questioning Haywood about his lingering wrist problem. Here's a couple choice moments:
What are they talking about in terms of a timeline [...]

Best-Looking Nats Team Ever

Dan Steinberg's been reporting on the Nationals' spring training since Tuesday. He's covered the crap out of jerky use and off-market seafood purchases, haircuts (though no visuals on Bells' new do yet), and how boring Viera, Fla. is (rather!). Accordingly, his Web traffic has plummeted, despite all his great photos of millionaires dressing funny. Give [...]