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Lindsay Czarniak’s No Longer Wearing Dan Snyder’s Shirts?

Horrendous news for folks who loved watching Lindsay Czarniak dress up in licensed Washington Redskins gear while delivering, um, journalism about the football team: WRC's news readers aren't working for Dan Snyder this preseason.
At least that's what an official for the NBC affiliate tells me.
WRC's news department has a long track record, stretching all the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: George Michael Lives On?

"We're 4-13. I can hardly even say it." Jim Zorn during last night's post-game press conference, erroneously reflecting on the Redskins record heading into the 16th and last game of the season. The coach's misery won't end until a trip to San Diego to face the Chargers and Norv Turner, perhaps the only guy who [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Hey, Dan Snyder: How’d That Dick Clark Deal Work Out for Six Flags Stockholders?

It's not clear to me which is the bigger travesty: Vinny Cerrato keeping his job so long after running the Redskins into the ground, or Dan Snyder staying atop Six Flags despite making all the wrong moves since taking over the now-bankrupt theme park chain in 2005.
Six Flags' reorganization is nowhere near complete, and god [...]