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Why Did the Washington Post Sack Dan Froomkin?

Late last week came the news that editors at the Washington Post had discontinued Dan Froomkin's popular White House Watch Web-only column after a five-and-a-half-year run.
This wasn't just another media-personnel story for the trade publications. The act of a powerful news organization cutting off the head of a Bush-bashing media figure gave the Internet [...]

Noon Roundup: Oh, Hell, Riggs Wanted ME to Do the Roundup Edition

Welcome to Freedom Friday! I'm briefly redefining libertarianism to include things that are interesting. As in...
• Dan Froomkin canned! Intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins mount campaign of angry comments on blogs read only by other intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins. A neocon powerplay, or the political-commentary EQ of JazzTimes folding?