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The Needle: Pizza for Statehood

Statehood Victory? When the Push for Pizza delivery app launched last week, it originally told D.C. residents trying to input their address that "D.C. is not a valid state." An updated version of the app, however, now accepts D.C. as a valid place to live. +3
Virginia Is for Lovers: A federal appeals court said today that it would not [...]

The Needle: 44 For 51

Let It Be Stated: President Barack Obama said today that he is in favor of D.C. statehood. (Though made no indication that he would actually do anything to help D.C. achieve said statehood.)+3
Neutral Territory: Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander will still not say that Dan Snyder needs to change the name of the Washington football team. "It is up to Dan Snyder. [...]

Game of Groans: The Worst April Fools’ Jokes in D.C.

April Fools' Day! The day when everyone—no matter how humorless they are the other 364 days of the year—feels compelled to make a funny. (Not City Paper, though, at least until we figure out a way to top this one.) Today, unfortunately, may have been the least funny April Fools' Day yet. Some glaring perpetrators among [...]

The Daily Caller Is Looking for a Sexy Bikini Model for Its CPAC Video (Correction: No, It Isn’t)

Update, 11:45. Daily Caller freelancer Mark Judge says he posted the ad, but accidentally wrote that the advertised CPAC video was for Daily Caller. The ad was actually intended to be for Liberty Island, a new publication for the "rising right-of-center counterculture." "[Daily Caller] was just on my brain," Judge, who wrote a piece for the [...]

The Needle: You Came to the Wrong Neighborhood

Pleasantville: At her new Daily Caller home, Betsy Rothstein gives a labored account of a long virtual feud between two D.C. journos, Eli Lake and Mike Elk. The highlights come when Lake says the whole town is laughing at Elk, to which Elk replies: "yeah but with the exception of Mt. Pleasant, I have always [...]

Betsy Rothstein Finds a Home at the Daily Caller

Oh-so-briefly unemployed blogger Betsy Rothstein has found a new home for her acidic media coverage at the conservative Daily Caller, perhaps the only site that will allow her to attract more enemies than she did during her time running FishbowlDC.
Rothstein left her job as editor of the media gossip site last week (on her own accord, [...]

Longtime Post Employee Sues, Alleging Racial and Age Discrimination

A longtime Washington Post advertising employee is suing the paper for racial and age discrimination, claiming the paper fired him for being a middle-aged black man.
David DeJesus, 59, filed suit against the Post in July after he says was he unexpectedly fired in the summer of 2011, despite 18 years of "exemplary employment." (Evan Gahr first [...]

Matt Yglesias’ Sweet Condo Provokes Outrage

Logan Circle finds itself in the eye of a right-wing storm after Washingtonian reported on its latest resident: Slate economics blogger Matthew Yglesias, who bought a three-bedroom condo in the neighborhood for a whopping $1.175 million.
The alleged disconnect between Yglesias' center-left politics, the average blogger's salary, and his condo's exposed brick caught the attention of [...]

Speeding Daily Caller Writer Laments D.C.’s “Speed-Trap Nazis”

When last we saw the Daily Caller's Mark Judge, he was explaining how having his bike stolen near Catholic University meant he was done with white guilt. "I knew that the odds were very high that a black person had taken my bike," wrote the incensed Judge, who went on to explain the quick racial [...]

The Needle: CCTV in PGC

Cameras All the Way Down: People have been treating Prince George's County's speed cameras poorly–shooting them, setting them on fire. Now the county is getting a whole new set of cameras to keep watch on the first set. -3

Morning Roundup: A Pickup Truck, Pot, and a Mercedes-Benz

Good morning, City Desk. Unless you're a Democrat. If you're a Democrat, it is not a good morning at all. If you're a Democrat, the world has pretty much ended. A Republican has been elected to fill the vacant Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy. A Republican with a pickup truck! A pickup truck [...]