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D.C.: A Black Hole of Love

A large population of young singles doesn't necessarily make a city a good place to find a significant other, according to a new analysis that ranked D.C. the second-worst city in the country to find love.
The heartwarming Valentine's study, which was published by the Wall Street Journal with help from Facebook data, examined which 50 [...]

Stuff White People Like: D.C.

The District, once known far and wide as Chocolate City, has become so inundated with yuppie-friendly amenities in recent years that it's now a top destination spot for myopic little twits. Or at least according to a click-bait compendium by real estate blog Movoto, which ranked D.C. as the seventh-most-liked city in the nation for white [...]

The Needle: D.C’s Deep Pockets

District Dough: D.C. posted a $321 million surplus for the 2013 fiscal year, but it all seems to be going to reserves and debts and nothing exciting like a waterpark. +3
Bad Goodell: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the  Washington football team's name is presented in a way that honors Native Americans, but would not answer [...]

Warning: There Will Be Uber Price Surges on New Year’s Eve

The always-controversial Uber came under extra heavy fire last week when New York City customers complained of exorbitant price surges during a snowstorm, with fares jumping to seven times their normal amount.
But the customers weren't getting any sympathy from the libertarian disrupters over at Uber. After all, this is the core of the Uber business [...]

Reading Chuck Thies’ Past Columns On His New Boss, Mayor Gray

After months of public indecisiveness, Mayor Vince Gray announced earlier this week that he'd be seeking the city's top office once again. The other noteworthy part of his announcement was his campaign manager pick, Chuck Thies: a savvy political operative not known for his temperate personality whose most recent gig has been writing local political [...]

Here’s What Happened When the District’s First Walmarts Opened

Dorothy Whitaker stood with her full shopping cart in the middle of the Walmart on Georgia Avenue NW while her adult daughter picked up some other items around the 100,000-square-foot store.
A fellow shopper had told her that someone had stolen a coveted TV from his cart, so Whitaker was standing guard over hers.
Other than that, [...]

New Traffic Cameras Will Ticket Cars for Endangering Pedestrians and Bikers, Blocking Intersections

If, hypothetically speaking, there were a war on cars in D.C., the battlefield just got a little trickier for drivers.
The Metropolitan Police Department announced today that it will install automated traffic enforcement cameras throughout the city that will ticket drivers for offenses like not stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks and not stopping at stop signs.
The [...]

Florida Congressman Pleads Guilty After Cocaine Bust

Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) pleaded guilty today in D.C. Superior Court to a misdemeanor cocaine charge after he purchased 3.5 grams of cocaine for $260 from an undercover officer at an undisclosed Dupont area restaurant on Oct. 29. He was sentenced to one year of probation.
After he was busted outside the Dupont restaurant, Radel brought the [...]

District’s Personal Income Growth Was 55 Percent Greater Than U.S Average Between 2001 and 2012

D.C. residents' collective personal income increased by 88.1 percent between 2001 to 2012—55 percent greater than national gains over the same period, according to data by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.
In 2012, D.C.'s personal income, a measure of income from all sources, was $47.28 billion. D.C. earned a larger portion of its income from [...]

D.C. Sales Tax to Drop to 5.75 Percent on Oct. 1

Here's some good news to end your week with: Starting Oct. 1, the District sales and use tax will drop from 6 percent to 5.75 percent.
The higher tax rates on food and drinks at restaurants (10 percent), tobacco (12 percent), and some rentals (14.5 percent) will remain the same. The tax on medical marijuana will [...]

Baby Panda Gets a Little Fatter

The panda team at the National Zoo performed another check up on its famous cub today, and she now weighs 3.07 pounds and is 11.4 inches wide around her belly.
Vets say her heart and lungs sound healthy.
"The cub is very active and keepers said she is very wiggly and squirmy. She’s trying to support her [...]

Uber CEO: Writers Shouldn’t Think We’re Responsible When Things Go Wrong

Uber, seemingly in permanent murky water in D.C., has a funny way of playing damage control.
Last Saturday night, Bridget Todd, an activist and former lecturer at Howard University tweeted at the company that her Uber driver choked her after she kissed her husband in the back of the vehicle because he didn't approve of her [...]

Vince Gray: So-So on Olympics. Dan Snyder: Gung-Ho.

Mayor Vince Gray had a muted response to the prospect of D.C. hosting the Summer Olympics in 2024, striking a pragmatic tone following an unrelated press conference Tuesday. "It will be weighed with what's best for the city," Gray told reporters. "We have only finite resources to go around."
Gray, who so far has played no role in [...]

Man Pleads Guilty to Attacking Girl on H Street NE in Middle of Day While on PCP

A D.C. man pleaded guilty to attacking and attempting to sexually assault a 9-year-old girl in the middle of the day on H Street NE.
Demetrick Littlejohn, 27, pleaded guilty Friday in D.C.'s Superior Court to one count of attempted second-degree child sexual abuse in a type of plea where he did not actually admit to committing [...]

More Than Half of DCPS Students Who Attended a Closed School Not Re-Enrolling This Year

More than half of District students who attended 10 of the 13 public schools that were shuttered in June because of low enrollment numbers did not sign up to attend a District public school for this upcoming school year, WAMU reported today.
This is a potentially big hit for the D.C. public school system, which [...]