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Astronaut Scott Kelly Shares ‘Great View’ of D.C. from Space

Thank you, Scott Kelly.

Mike Huckabee Wants To Burn Down D.C., Metaphorically We Hope

Prepare yourselves for the fire and brimstone!

Here’s Where You Really Shouldn’t Crash Your Drone in D.C.

Spot the locations on our handy map.

New Hampshire Store Rejects Man Trying to Buy Booze With a D.C. License

New Hampshire law says an establishment selling liquor can accept a passport, military card, or photo ID, including a driver's license, from any of the 50 states or a province of Canada as proof of legal age.
Travis Mitchell, a 25-year-old New Hampshire native who has lived in D.C. since 2007, was visiting his parents with friends [...]

D.C. is Under a Heat Emergency. Here’s What You Need to Know

The temperature in D.C. hit 91 degrees with a heat index of 96 degrees this afternoon, which means the city's Heat Emergency Plan has been activated.
In cases of extreme heat (when the heat index tops 95 degrees), the D.C. government opens four cooling centers throughout the city each weekday between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. They are:

One Judiciary [...]

Cherry Blossoms Hit PEAK BLOOM

The nearly never-ending winter seemed like this day would never come, and yet: The cherry blossoms hit peak bloom today, according to the National Park Service.
Peak bloom refers to the time when 70 percent of the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin are in bloom. This is the latest peak bloom date the city has [...]

Study: D.C. Underground Sex Industry Valued at $103 Million

The average underground sex act in D.C. costs between $20 and $150.
That's according to an Urban Institute report released today on how much money commercial sex generates in American cities. The report found that the little-talked about underground sex industry in D.C. was still worth about $103 million in 2007—that's the same value of the city's [...]

Two Weeks After a Snowstorm, Some Residents Still Waiting for Trash Pickup

The effects of the District's pre-Valentine's Day snowstorm still linger on, with significant portions of the District reporting that they haven't had their trash or recycling picked up since before the Feb. 13 storm.
This backup most widely effects residents that have once-a-week Thursday trash pickup, chiefly large portions of wards 3 and 4, according to [...]

The Needle: Flake ‘N’ Bake

Cold Times: Another unforeseen repercussion of the snow storm: Delivery of 577,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the Washington area will be delayed. -3
The Heartless Capital: Happy Valentine's Day! A Facebook data-based study found that D.C. is the second-worst city for singles to find love. -2

D.C.: A Black Hole of Love

A large population of young singles doesn't necessarily make a city a good place to find a significant other, according to a new analysis that ranked D.C. the second-worst city in the country to find love.
The heartwarming Valentine's study, which was published by the Wall Street Journal with help from Facebook data, examined which 50 [...]

Stuff White People Like: D.C.

The District, once known far and wide as Chocolate City, has become so inundated with yuppie-friendly amenities in recent years that it's now a top destination spot for myopic little twits. Or at least according to a click-bait compendium by real estate blog Movoto, which ranked D.C. as the seventh-most-liked city in the nation for white [...]

The Needle: D.C’s Deep Pockets

District Dough: D.C. posted a $321 million surplus for the 2013 fiscal year, but it all seems to be going to reserves and debts and nothing exciting like a waterpark. +3
Bad Goodell: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the  Washington football team's name is presented in a way that honors Native Americans, but would not answer [...]

Warning: There Will Be Uber Price Surges on New Year’s Eve

The always-controversial Uber came under extra heavy fire last week when New York City customers complained of exorbitant price surges during a snowstorm, with fares jumping to seven times their normal amount.
But the customers weren't getting any sympathy from the libertarian disrupters over at Uber. After all, this is the core of the Uber business [...]

Reading Chuck Thies’ Past Columns On His New Boss, Mayor Gray

After months of public indecisiveness, Mayor Vince Gray announced earlier this week that he'd be seeking the city's top office once again. The other noteworthy part of his announcement was his campaign manager pick, Chuck Thies: a savvy political operative not known for his temperate personality whose most recent gig has been writing local political [...]

Here’s What Happened When the District’s First Walmarts Opened

Dorothy Whitaker stood with her full shopping cart in the middle of the Walmart on Georgia Avenue NW while her adult daughter picked up some other items around the 100,000-square-foot store.
A fellow shopper had told her that someone had stolen a coveted TV from his cart, so Whitaker was standing guard over hers.
Other than that, [...]